Why Are Blue Jeans Always Blue?

And white, if you want to really go back. I had mine.

Which is likely the reason I couldn’t remember and had to go to wiki.

Same here. IIRC, white jeans on guys was popular just before bell bottoms and elephant cords came in. Cut so tight you could barely get your feet through the damned things. Worn with Beatle boots.

For some reason I don’t really understand, I find the sight of a woman in white jeans to be absolutely unbelievably sexy. More so than in blue jeans, which runs a very close second. Other colours don’t work for me at all; not in the sexiness stakes anyway.

Beetle boots, or those big blocky shoes that I don’t remember the name for. They were often two colors with a seam accross the toe and thick soles. All the “sensitive” guys wore them.

Well thank you very much!
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It’s okay. Now you have an anecdote for the next installment of “things everyone knew except me” coming soon to MPSIMS. I didn’t really want any more information that that, just wondering.

All this was before my time. I’d be a little surprised to see a man in jeans any lighter than tan.

I had white jeans in the late 80’s. Also very fond memories of a girl in pink jeans and what it took to get them off…

You know, they make a salve that can help with that…

Can’t add much, but thought I’d link in the discussion at Wiki about denim, the cloth (which name is a shortening of the French de Nimes, where a similar sturdy fabric was made.

If you have never looked into it before, the history of fabrics is a fascinating study. Took for me working as a manager in a department store before I discovered just how fascinating.

Looks like he had two outfits:

Mr. Green Jeans and the Captain: http://www.toontracker.com/kangaroo/captain.jpg

In jeans: http://www.big13.net/Photofweek/MrGreenJeans.jpg

Overalls: http://timstvshowcase.com/kangaroo7.jpg

Jeans: http://encyclopediaofarkansas.net/media/gallery/photo/Hensley_Kangaroo_f.jpg

Overalls: http://graphics.ink19.com/magazine/features/captainKangaroo.jpeg

Jeans: http://timstvshowcase.com/kangaro2.jpg

For me, the most fascinating so far would be silk.

I recall a company that sold jeans & jean jackets (those short ones like Billy Jack wore) in raw, un-dyed denim. Everything looked like painters dropcloth.

I still have a pair of white jeans, with tapered legs. They look good with a white oxford shirt and canvas deck shoes, although the “Professor of Gilligan’s
Island” connecton is unavoidable.

But what color what Captain Kangaroo’s jacket? Was it always red, which can photograph in B&W as black? And another question: what kind of captain was he? A fireman captain, or was he a train conductor? Or was he a captain on some secret police force, indoctrinating children by day, tortuing suspects with ping pong balls by night?

Looks like he had a black one and maybe a blue one before he settled on red: http://www.tvparty.com/lostterrytoons.html

Upon reflection I’ve realized that I didn’t watch The Captain very much. Not surprising in that I was 10 when the show first aired. My dids watched it some when they were little, but they were more into Sesame Street and Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Yes, what is really fascinating about silk (and other fabrics) is how inventive man can be at finding ways to make thread, yarn and cloth.

I know that black jeans were readily available in 1977, because I started wearing them after seeing them referenced in literature.

Actually blue is one of the newfangled colors. The original color of jeans is indigo; distinctly different from blue.

Think about it–imagine a brand new pair of dark “blue” jeans–would you call that color blue in any other context? I wouldn’t. There’s just too much purple in it for it to be blue.


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