Why are Christians so full of hate?

If you read the comments section of just about any news story online, you will always see some loud-mouthed loser saying something like “Blue Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” or something about the Florida shooting kids like “they should have been shot, too”.

There’s always someone talking about “fags” or “negros” or “obummer and sekrit mooslim” or “killery should shut up and make her man a sandwich”.

Inevitably (because I’m a beggar for punishment) when I click on their profile, it will be filled with all sorts of god/jesus/christian stuff along side of guns and flags and anti-immigration things.

What makes them so shockingly hateful?

Christ wasn’t hateful.

I was asking myself this question the other day when it hit me - in my past, I was just like them!

Many, many years ago, I was a young-earther, christian fundamentalist who believed that Matthew Shepard got what he deserved. Murdered abortion doctors got what they deserved. All the worlds problems were because prayer was taken out of schools and teh geys were ruining life for god-fearing, white, christian families.

Now that I’m outside of all of that, I can look at it and see the mind-blowing hypocrisy and how completely anti-christian that way of thinking actually is.

But what is it that makes them that way in the first place? Even having been one myself, I can’t say what it is.

Busy at the moment so will keep it short but:

  1. Not to Scotsman it, but not all people who claim to be Christians are Christians.

  2. “Blue Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” isn’t necessarily a message of hate at all.

  3. As for Jesus not being hateful - it depends on how one interprets “hate,” but He drove some people out of the temple with a whip, called Pharisees a “brood of vipers,” said it is better to cut off one’s hand or gouge out one’s eyes than to sin, and said that most people would go to Hell, etc. If someone said that in modern Western society, chances are they’d be dubbed “hateful” indeed.

  4. It’s much easier to hate something or tear something down that one perceives as wrong, than it is to build up something that one perceives as good. Humans naturally tear down easily and build up with difficulty.

Nothing to do with the question but, if you could be so kind, what on earth does that mean?


Sorry - No True Scotsman fallacy.

[del]“No True Scotsman”[/del] … [nin’ja’ed]

Everyone is full of hate … including Christians … the difference is Christians see this as a bad thing and something they must fight against … preferably first in their own hearts and then others, but nobody’s perfect …

Easy to say(and it is said often)…but who gets to decide other than the person making the claim?

It is a message of hate. It’s saying “all you whiny blacks complaining about being shot in the back should shut the fuck up because you probably deserved it in the first place”. That’s what “All lives matter” means.

He drove the people out of the temple because they (even way back then) were turning it into something Christ didn’t intend it to be. The Pharisees were a brood of vipers and the very people I’m talking about now. If you claim to be a christian and believe in hell, then Christ telling you not to sin or you might go to hell is understandable.

Agreed but I’d expand this to most people who claim to be Christians are not Christians.

No one other than the person … “Judge not and ye shall not be judged; for that which you mete out will be measured unto you again”

Ah - thankyou. Not seen it used like that.


Yeah … it took me a second to realize Velocity wasn’t asking for a fist fight …

Buddy, everything about this sentence is wrong. They don’t see it as bad, they see it as right and they certainly don’t fight against it - they immerse themselves in it every week as they sit in the pews in their Sunday best and teach their children how to carry on the torch of hate.

So it’s a “message of hate” to care about a police officer’s life?

What makes you think someone talking about “fags” or “negros” or “obummer and sekrit mooslim” or “killery should shut up and make her man a sandwich” speaks for the majority of Christians, or is not a troll? None of the Christians I know talk like that.

You’re entitled to your opinion … “no true Christians” eh? …

Is there a problem with corrupt police officers targeting other police officers to shoot in the back? … I didn’t think so …

Not saying this behavior only targets blacks … plenty of whites get cut down as well … remember, this is an anti-police corruption campaign … and that’s good for all of us …

If this is how you’re going to interpret “All Lives Matter,” then this is like a pro-lifer saying, “People who say ‘A woman should have the right to choose’ are really saying, ‘I love fetuses getting ripped up by surgical instruments’” and then asking, “Why are pro-choicers so gory?”

Absolutely not. But when there is an epidemic of unarmed, black men being shot by white police officers and people are trying to support the victims family, that is not the time to pipe up with “yah but cops matter, too!”.

It’s invalidating the whole Black Lives Matter movement. It’s saying “no, actually, you don’t matter”.

When it is to the exclusion of the lives of citizens, yes. I hope all police officers go home safely, but in life threatening situations, law enforcement should err on the side of the safety of citizens. If that means they take a bullet once in a while, so be it. That is what medals are for.

Same here.

Usually, if a person posts this way, it’s really obvious where they’re coming from because they don’t seem to know the basics of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. and often post in textese. They sound stupid, because they probably are (and this is NOT the same as having a low IQ).

You could say that they aren’t very good Christians, just as anyone can call themselves a basketball player and who am I to say they’re not? Even if they can’t dribble or throw the ball or, hell, just grab the ball and run with it willfully violating the rules.

That’s a warning against hypocrisy, not a condemnation against viewing or calling out bad behavior. The Bible also states in numerous places to rebuke a brother who is sinning which, by its very nature, requires recognizing and acknowledging sin.

Look. I was fully immersed in Baptist/Pentecostal/fundamentalist Christianity for over 20 years. That is what virtually everyone of them (including me by the way) believed.

*I will change my original post of “Christians” to “certain denominations of Christianity”. Because I really do not know that much about Lutherans or Presbyterians or Catholics to be honest. *

But the point in my OP is, if you see hateful comments in a news story and see their facebook profile - it’s almost always full of god stuff right beside all the hateful stuff.

So why do some denominations bring out so much hate?