My Christianity

To the core of my being, I believe in Christ. As part of my beliefs, I believe in what Jesus said and how he said to live. Part of what he said was that while my life was problematic, I should be concerned with my issues and only after having resolved those, should I attempt to help others with their issues. By what measure you judge, you shall be judged. THIS, I find often in short supply in Christianity. I am experienced enough to realize that for every Fred Phelps, there are plenty of good, decent people doing things right; it is just that Freddie seems to constantly run his evil little mouth.

If someone wants to ask me what I believe, I have no issue discussing that. I have no issue showing someone what the Bible says about something. Beyond that, I am too busy dealing with the plank in my own eye to offer much help to those with a mote in theirs. When I get to the place where I have myself taken care of, I will worry about condemning others.

In the meantime, what I don’t like:

Gay Marriage - none of my business, but we have to separate what I believe from what this country was actually founded on and that is equality for ALL.
Homosexuality - I have no idea what drives homosexuals. I have no basis for comparison and thus, why should I harp on what the Bible says. I suspect that there isn’t a single homosexual who hasn’t already been preached to just about enough. This would be where judge not comes in and additionally, once again, equality for all.
Christian displays on public property - you know what, put your Christmas displays up all you want on your property. People are right…if you want public displays, then let the church of satan put their’s up or just stop it.
Displays of the 10 commandments - see above.

Christianity is the PERSONAL relationship between each individual and God. It is easier and more human to want to point at others rather than at one’s self. Keep it personal and live it and leave others alone. Just stop it.

Okay, but announcing it all on a public message board is not exactly keeping it between you and god, is it? It invites discussion.

I believe the OP’s screen name characterizes the nature of any discussion that might follow.

Mrs Cake, discuss away, critique, say whatever you feel you should.

Thelma, well bless your heart, wasn’t that helpful and kind.

The screen name, subject combo is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

As written in the gospels? Selectively or in entirety?

Selectively. I struggle with what is true, what is correct, what is Godly as opposed to the cultural beliefs from the first century. I don’t see, for example, how one can take Paul’s beliefs on women and not see that as entirely cultural and not to be the word for a world this different.

do you know what drives heterosexuals? What drives you?(assuming you are hetero). I figure it is the same type of thing, nature.

Selectively believe in the gospels? That seems to me to be a fundamental flaw with faith. Cafeteria Christians. No insult to you personally. I know a lot of fundamentalist Christians who are very homophobic but have no qualms with tha fact they are divorced, adulterers etc.

You seem like a sane and well-balanced person who is attempting to harmonize the values of Christianity with the real world expectation of a semi-secular culture. I applaud you for doing so. In my experience, most Christians who actually think about their faith are much like you.
I only wish more of the sane majority were vocal in their opposition to those who would use their religion as a bludgeon to attack ‘The Other’.

Merry Christmas to you.

What I meant by what drives homosexuals is that I have no idea what they feel, think, need, etc. I assume that the human condition is common, but like I could never speak to someone regarding the loss of a child with any authority or true understanding of their feelings, how can I understand the feelings of a homosexual?

Cafeteria Christian sounds bumper sticker-ish, which to me equates to a dramatically over-simplified view of it. As I said, I struggle with a lot that is in the Bible. I could, for example, decide that the Bible decries homosexuality and thus, lead the pitchfork and torches crowd. At the same time, I can also decide that my right to judge does not exist and I simply try to coexist as best I can and be as understanding, compassionate and loving as the Bible suggest I do. If that is Cafe Christianity, then so be it. Obviously, there are a million shades of gray between my examples, this just happens to be the shade of gray I think best at this moment.

fair enough. I can live with that.

OPs username had me confused for a second.

Strangely, I am clueless now, no, disregard, that is useless. My mistake.

Reported for forum change, witnessing goes under GD.

Why are Christians like the OP constantly thinking they are so terribly interesting they must inform the world of their dull, ordinary, commonplace, pedestrian beliefs?

It’s a mystery. Why do they imagine we care at all?

Whatever the powers to be feel is best. I didn’t think it witnessing.

As if this IMHO were so exciting with the other breathless details of everyone else’s dull, ordinary lives?

Witnessing is even more boring and inane than most mundane topics, which is why witnessing goes in GD, so mean people can poke you with a more impolite form of stick than is permitted in MPSIMS, for the entertainment of all.

Topics on the subject “I THINK THIS” are usually the recipients of mockery on this board anyway. Get a blog if you don’t have anything you want to discuss.

All should feel free to ignore if they wish.

Here’s what worked for me, as a male heterosexual: You know all those feelings (sexual, romantic, etc.) you have about women? Imagine having all those same feelings, only directed toward men instead. Or, imagine having all those same feelings, only I am a woman.