Why are egg farts so evilly foul?

This is a very serious question that has bugged me for years.

Why is it off nearly all the foods I eat, anytime I partake in eggs of any kind ( hard boiled are the worst and egg salad is a close second, being that it is boiled eggs mushed up.) the after effects from my backside could only be described as toxic and more forceful.

The only other food that comes close is when I partake in some kind of chili’s in food. Those are a different level of Rectual Flatulence of Mass Destruction.

Happy Tuesday Morning!

Egg yolks are rich in sulfur compounds. Bacterial action in your gut helps transform the sulfur into hydrogen sulfide.


I knew it had something to do with sulphur.
Off to eat some hard boil eggs…heh heh heh

::moves upwind::

Thank you for this. I shall work this phrase into conversation whenever possible. :smiley: