Why are Hiro and Ando so obviously Naive? Why do I feel like this is a Racial Stereo


The Japanese are usually stereotyped as camera-happy, and a bit weird about comics, cartoons, and game shows… So I don’t know why I feel like the representation of Hiro and Ando as being a bit enthusiastically-stupid is a stereotype of Japanese people, but somehow I do.

Why are they the Naive ones on ‘Heroes’?

I see Hiro as naive, but Ando is pretty down-to-earth. He’s the straightman to Hiro’s wide-eyed heroic ambition. They actually seem like the most normal people on the show; everyone else is so caught up in melodrama that their superpowers almost take a backseat to their screwed up social lives.

Don’t get me wrong, Hiro and Ando are nearly my favourite characters. But it’s their lack of melodrama that gives me the impression that their view of what’s going on is simplistic, and therefore naive.

Hiro is shown as naive in order to make a contrast with his future self, who is more responsible, able to control his powers, speaks English perfectly, and so on. If he didn’t act in a childish manner to begin with, they couldn’t show him growing up.

I’ve only seen through season two, but I don’t see them as being particularly naive. At least, not more so than the rest of the cast, who can be pretty fucking stupid when the plot requires. Especially Peter. Hiro is an example of a stereotype (the “otaku,” or nerd) that exists within Japan, but I don’t think you can make a convincing argument that he’s supposed to be representative of Japanese people. This is contrasted by Ando, who doesn’t really care about comics or superheros, and thinks his friends is a bit nuts until about halfway through the first season. But both of them are pretty clearly portrayed as a pair of losers. That is to say, rather than be exemplars of their society, they are disconnected from and outside of it.

Actually, I should say that Hiro is originally very naive, but it’s an extension of his fundamental idealism. His initial reaction is to expect the best of people. By the second season, he’s still got that idealism, but has lost a lot of the naivete. Once Adam shows his true colors, he doesn’t waste too much time trying to redeem him again, and takes some pretty hard-core steps to neutralize him.

I would add that Hiro was [apparently] raised from childhood to eventually take over the running of his father’s company — something it turns out he was completely unsuited to, having neither the interest nor the talent. His first dose of personal freedom, when he managed to stop time and then teleport to New York, was an “eye-opener”, and he became the literal “wide-eyed babe”. He abruptly went, figuratively speaking, from living in a straightjacket and blinders to living in a nudist colony. Where he once only saw a well-defined goal with a structured path to it, he could now see a world of possibilities and options. He probably knew along, deep inside, that running a company and being an executive was not for him, but his upbringing and culture wouldn’t allow him to say so, even to himself. Getting away from all that allowed him to start discovering what he was really meant to do.

Hiro is a comic book nerd, and Ando is a porn nerd.

I really don’t see a stereotype here, except for nerds.

levdrakon has it.

MisterRik is pretty much what I was going to say. I think Hiro is only naive outside of his own world… he was supposed to take over for his father, but was clearly very very bored at what he did. His discovery of power and mission gave him meaning he was searching for.

But most everything is outside of his element or new.

Hiro is also an idealist, in terms of being extraordinarily concerned with not just whats right- but what is “Heroic” as he sees it. So he spends his time looking not just for the best solution- but the most fitting with a Superhero.

None of this can be said of Hiro’s father, also (obviously) Japanese but not in any way naive or idealistic. Hiro’s sister, only in one episode, also did not come off as naive in any way. This is just who Hiro is.