Why are liberals referred to as "bedwetters"?

Does this mean timid? Similar to peacenik?
I like this one.

I’ve never heard the word bedwetter applied to liberals…do you have any examples of this?

Usually, it’s because the halfwit using the term is utterly incapable of engaging in a substantive debate, and so tries to hide his inadequacy behind juvenile insults.

Would the 103,000 results of Googling liberal bedwetter be a good start?

A Google vomit does not make a point.

In any case, it is clear what the OP is up to.

Let us take this to the pit.


Actually, you can just stay in this thread and vist the Pit when it moves.
bob_co, if you wanted a legitimate answer to the etymological question, you could have asked this in GQ with a request that the answers remain on topic and not get into a political pissing contest. Since it appears that you actual intent was to simply collect nasty names for people with whom you disagree, GD is not the appropriate Forum.

Off to a new home.

You see bob_co, the pit is your home as much as you want to pretend you are Great Debate material.

What a poser.

Conservatives used to call them “bobs” but they decided that was going too far.

Oh, Jesus. First the Left Behinders. And now this. What’s next, a drunk Harry Binswanger?

Because conservatives tend to have childish and none-too-bright minds, and most aren’t capable of adult criticism and reasoning ?

You didn’t put the phrase in quotes when you searched. There are a mere 435 results for “liberal bedwetter.”


As demonstrated by this carefully thought out, well-reasoned, and insightful remark?

Because liberals are the kind of people that conservatives wish had been chained to their beds as children in the name of discipline.

The irony is so sharp it hurts. :smiley:

I think it’s supposed to imply immaturity and specifically fear.

At least a certain segment of liberals seem to be deathly afraid of anything which even suggests violence. I’ve seen some who can’t even stand the idea of conflict of any kind, down to the point where they ban most all video games (by definition, virtually all games include competition and often violence).

Loathing and moral disgust is not fear. I find maggots revolting, I am not afraid of them. Yours is the kind of argument best made while scratching one’s nuts and combing the hairs on one’s manly chest.

You need to broaden your horizons.

And a certain segment of conservatives believes reading Harry Potter exposes children to Satanic forces. I will stipulate that there are wingnuts at both ends of the political spectrum. Beyond that, I’m not sure what the point of your observation is.

I know GIGObuster already pointed this out, but is there anything stupider than counting hits in a Google keyword search? What exactly could it possibly prove? Search liberal pedophile and you get 538,000 hits – clearly, liberals are five times more likely to molest children than wet the bed. Of course, search liberals go to heaven and you get 1.5 million hits, so I guess even the urine-soaked kiddie diddlers are doing God’s work according to what words show up most frequently in blogs and porno sites.

People do this all the time and it drives me crazy.

Evidence here. Also here