Why are my colds suddenly accompanied by vicious fevers

I usually catch a couple of colds every year. They were always perfectly tolerable, but then last summer I caught the cold to end all colds. Or so I thought. It’s all of the regular cold symptons: I usually start with a mild sore throat. But now, within a couple of days of the first symptoms, I’m stuck in bed with a nasty fever, aches, pains, etc. It feels like the flu. It’s happened four times now, including the one right now. I’m miserable. WTF is going on?

You might have a sinus infection, or strept throat. A sinus infection can led to Strept. Strept can led to Rheumatic Fever (damaged heart) and Sydenhams Chorea (brain damage affecting your personality and motor controls) known as Saint Vitas Dance. Go and see the doctor to get a course of antibiotics if applicable. Most of my life I’ve had to deal with major problem’s originally caused by a strept infection in 1969. My point here is that a reoccurring sore throat is serious. Strept normally needs a full coarse of antibiotics to clear it up.

I really like Harmonious Discord’s answer. I would second that a cold is a URI, and generally won’t give you fever unless you have sinus involvement; but a flu is an LRI. That is, a cold is an upper respiratory infection, isolated to the throat and above. A flu is a lower respiratory infection, and gets into the lungs. And you know what we call an infection of the lungs? A pneumonia.

Hie thee to a doc in the box or better still, an actual doc.

I have recommended on these boards before: commit the appropriate crime in the right state if you need to, and you can get Qadgop the Mercotan to treat you.