Why are Republicans so obtuse?

And the question *still *wasn’t about citizenship. Go back and read the post **Dave **quoted. The key phrase is “over half” versus “more than half.”

Oh, come on! A poll about what Republicans think by The Daily Kos? What’s next? A poll about what Democrats think by Fox News?

Consider the source and discard the information as useless.

Whoops, I misread RNATB. I thought he was taking issue with the first statement.

I think parallel beliefs about W would be more like “I believe his people fixed the 2000 vote” or “I believe Rove/Cheney/The Family pulled his strings.”

IMO, you’re picking nits. Do you think any of those 58% think Obama was naturalized after he was born in Kenya?

I fail to see the distinction between “over half” and “more than half”.

And Daily Kos didn’t perform the poll, they hired a polling outfit to do it. If Fox News hired a legit polling company to survey Democrats, sure, I’d take it seriously. Anyone know if there’s a similar poll for Democrats?


Okay, good point. Yeah, plenty of liberals would probably agree with those, I guess. I wouldn’t…I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, or attributing to malice what you can attribute to stupidity.

Okay, so I should have phrased that as “More than half aren’t sure that he wants to beat the terrorists.” Which is utterly ludicrous given the increase in drone bombings in Pakistan.

And nearly three quarters don’t want gay people to be allowed to teach.

I don’t know how to make it any more clear. I am not talking about citizenship in any way, shape or form, so your continual referring to it is just bizarre. I am talking about whether Obama wants the terrorists to win, and how many Republicans believe he does.

Then read the post I directed you to. Sheesh!

You are totally missing his point. I was responding to this:

Not this:

They hired a polling outfit to do it, and then apparently asked them to make sure the most conservative elements were heavily overrepresented.

There are already tons of pretty neutral polls showing that lots of conservatives think crazy thoughts. This is not a neutral poll.

The article makes it look like the research firm found survey participants by selecting (one would hope reandomly) from a list of “selfi-dentified Republicans.” I wonder how they camy upi with that list and why they used that research method (if that is in fact what they did). Seems to me you’d get better results by calling 2000 random people and then filtering out only those who identify themselves as Republicans.

Ugh, sorry.

Link? I’m genuinely interested, not actually trying to defend this poll.

That list already exists in the form of voter rolls, so not much point in “coming up with one”.

There’s a new one posted here pretty much every damn week. Do your own googling. :wink:

So this poll represents the committed, bedrock Repulicans, not those waffling, on-the-fence types?

What is your evidence for the proposition that the survey used voter rolls as its list of self-identified Republicans?

I’m not a statistician. I’m simply pointing out that the survey population overrepresents certain groups who are more conservative than the average.

Where is your evidence for the proposition that it didn’t?

The main response so far in this thread seems to boil down to:

“The poll was biased/inaccurate/consider the source of the poll and ignore it.”

Plus a dose of:

“Liberals would say stupid stuff too if you asked them the right questions”

Is this simply your opinion, or do you have some actual facts to back this statement up? Or are we to take your word “apparently” as “I have no evidence, but am going to try this excuse on for size”?

But I’m lazy! And sick! cough


(The sadface smiley is to show that I really am sick. Although it probably wouldn’t prevent me from using Google.)

You’re so right about this. Those were pretty loaded questions.

I don’t now any Republicans, be it here on the Dope or IRL, who believe that Obama is on the side of the terrorists, or is not a citizen, or that he hates white people, or are against evolution. I am suspicious of how the respondents were chosen, and how the questions were worded.