Why are Republicans so obtuse?

More than half aren’t sure if Obama is a citizen. Two-thirds think he hates white people. Over half thinks he wants the terrorists to win. Ridiculous!

Knowing absolutely nothing about the methodology employed, is there any particular reason to trust this poll?

You know the saying “Reality has a liberal bias”?

Well, deep down in places they don’t talk about, conservatives agree.

They’re just trying to correct for it.

From here.

I’m not a statistician (I’m actually retaking stats this semester because I got a C last year and B- is passing in my program, ugh), but this doesn’t look too terrible. For a really accurate picture, I guess we’d have to see the precise wording used, but I wouldn’t expect a survey to provide that information anyway.

The 77% of Republicans who think that the Bible should be taught in public schools is, for me, the most depressing response. I already knew that Republicans are detached from reality when it comes to Obama.

ETA: I take that back. 73% of Republicans think that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be teachers?! Ugh.

The funny thing is that I’m sure there would be a similar list of ‘ridiculous’ things that liberals believed about Bush if you crafted the poll in a similar way.

snort Just keep telling yourself that. I’ve heard conservatives say that ‘Reality has a conservative bias’ as well. Frankly, I think that both sides are delusional. Reality has a moderate bias. :stuck_out_tongue:


Republicans are not obtuse; they’re confined to right angles.

I propose a new poll.

Why are PEOPLE so obtuse.

I agree with that, even with the smilie.

The problem is now that for many “realities” that have science supporting it (Evolution and Climate Change for example), most Republicans are against them, nothing moderate about it.


How is 24% “over half”?

Kyla, you forgot to quote the breakdown by gender:

Men are generally more conservative than women in the US. Old people are more conservative than young people. People in the South and West are more conservative than people in the North and Midwest. They’re all overrepresented.

Did you read the questions in the poll? How would you have crafted them differently?

It’s all in the frame. The reality of social goods is more liberal; the reality of market imperatives, more conservative.

Look at the way libs and cons use the phrase the real world; the difference is as night and day.

I doubt it, not that we have any idea of how the poll was crafted. I’m a liberal and most of my friends are liberals. And yet I don’t know anyone who thinks that Bush was literally trying to destroy the US, which is what Republicans obviously think about about Obama with the “wanting the terrorists to win” thing.

The worst thing I can think of that a lot of liberals genuinely do believe about Bush is is that he intentionally lied to go to war in Iraq, which is, imho, a slight mischaracterization of the situation. I do think he really wanted to go to war in Iraq and his administration intentionally interpreted all intelligence in such a way to make it happen. I don’t think they actually knew there were no WMDs and were like “fuck it, let’s go to war anyway, hahaha!” They just believed what they wanted to believe and ignored any contradictory evidence. This is a POV I’ve picked up from doing a lot of reading on the topic, especially from the book Cobra II, which I recommend.

Is Sly in that one?

24% say he isn’t a citizen + 33% who aren’t sure= more than half aren’t sure he is a citizen.

Why are Republicans so obtuse?

They eat too much.

You’re right, I didn’t notice that.

Yeah, it’s awesome. There’s a LOT of blowing up of shit.

The question wasn’t about citizenship, it was about wanting the terrorists to win.

Okay, then, 58% of people polled either believe Obama was born outside of the US, or aren’t sure what to believe.

I never trusted the State of Hawaii, either. If they don’t have anything to hide, what are they doing all the way over there? Sneaky fuckers.