Why are so many people buying sedgways now?

Last couple of days I’ve seen that a bunch of people are buying those scooters of dean kamen…anyone know why? Are they running a sale? :smiley:

Well, you know. Some people have to have the latest technology as soon as it comes out. As for the sale, it depends. Would you consider $5,000 a sale?

because they’re NEET!


They’ve just now become available to the general public, so it’s people’s first chance to buy one.


They are only available at Amazon.com for now, and won’t be delivered til spring (except for a few being sold before Christmas). And it’s spelled Segway.

Wait a year or two. They’re not a practical vehicle for most people, so once the novelty of them dies out, you’ll be able to pick them up ob Ebay for a few hundred dollars. A few years from now, we’ll be buying these things at Toys 'R Us.