Why are the channel numbers and station ID so small on a big screen TV?

I’ve recently bought a 40 inch Vizio Smart TV. Works great, except for the tiny channel numbers.

The TV is 10 ft away and I’m flipping channels. I had no idea WTH they were. Giant 40 inch screen with tiny numbers in the upper left corner. You need to be three feet away to read them.

I went into Accessibility and turned on Zoom menus. Great Now I’m considered disabled with low vision because of their screen design?

The channel number/station ID is ok and readable in zoom with my glasses. A person with very poor vision couldn’t read it. I can’t without my glasses.

Have you had this problem with your set? Why don’t they display large numbers when the channels change?

Does this frustrate you?

Yeah, it frustrates me. I keep a magnifying glass handy for all kinds of things with fine print that only seems to get finer as the years go by. Actually, I think some of that isn’t my imagination/hyperbole, especially nowadays, what with products being sold in smaller packages for the same damn price…

Wow am I getting old! :smile:

I don’t have that specific problem with my TV, but deleting something I’ve recorded involves selecting a tiny box that is then filled with a light-blue check mark that I can hardly see.

I’m near sighted. It’s gotten worse in middle age.

I’m looking forward to cataract surgery and new implanted lens. The ophthalmologist is monitoring them closely.

Tv menus should be larger. Think about pc’s and windows. A 22" monitor gives you higher resolution and the windows scale bigger.

I suspect they actually expect people to be sitting the same distance from their larger TVs as they did the smaller TVs of the past. Same with computer monitors. They don’t get that part of the usefulness of the larger devices is that you can be further away from them.

Then there’s also that people more and more just use installed apps on their TVs or some sort of box hooked up that shows a guide, and not so much just regular channel flipping. I suspect a lot of people never actually really notice the smaller numbers.

In my opinion, we should be to the point where making this all user configurable is the norm. But there’s still a push for the actual electronics inside the TV to go to the lowest bidder, as people care more about the screens than any of that stuff. They aren’t optimizing for user design, trying to make it where the widest number of people can use it without difficulty.

Menu zoom is almost certainly just their quick fix for people complaining, and not a true accessibility option. Actual accessibility would have more than one additional size option.

LG numbers are pretty large.

Yes, it’s probably a factor of two things: 1) cable and 2) streaming. They figure most people aren’t using the antenna that much so why make the channel numbers a much bigger size than the menu font size.

My cable connects directly to the tv (no box). Searching for chanels in setup finds almost 90.

I’ve memorized the channel numbers that I watch frequently. Enter them directly.

There’s also a lot of surfing by pressing channel up and down. It takes awhile to get through all of them. I’ve been too lazy to block channels in setup that I never watch. :blush:

This is definitely the case for me – I’m always using the inputs from the cable box, the Blu-Ray player, or the Fire Stick; the only time I ever see the TV’s native “channel” display is for a few moments, when I’m switching from one input device to another.

First, by today’s standards 40" is relatively small to be sitting 10’ away. Second, they probably have a standard interface that is optimised for their larger TVs and they haven’t bothered to scale it for smaller ones.

I think my TV has a fairly readable channel display but I don’t watch broadcast TV so never use the channel select. I sometimes get frustrated by small UIs in games (Xbox / Playstation), but those tend to have UI scaling options built in to the game.