Why are there alsost no elderly tall people?

I could have sworn that Cecil wrote a column about this and I thought it was available online. Can anyone find it? I think I remember him saying that tall people simply die at younger ages compared with people of average height. Do you guys remember this?

Among the reasons is that osteoporisis is so prevalent in this country. Ironically it may be drinking milk that causes it. FWIW my 78 year old grandfather is taller than any of his sons and most of his grandsons. YMMV

Both the very tall and the very short tend to have shorter lifespans.

Also, I don’t recall ever seeing elderly people (80+) who are overweight. (Reason enough to start dieting!)

Ok, my aunt is shorter than she used to be. She’s now in her 80’s or so and has never been a big fan of milk. She always says that that is why shes short. Her bones are shrinking (there’s some special name for it, but I can’t remember.). Along with preventing osteoperosis, milk, as she says, can help you stay the same height. At least thats what she’s telling me and she’s always been the honest one. But anyway, I think thats why most older people are short, not tall. Their bones are shrinking (for lack of a better word)

From my observations older people tend to have smaller apetites. This might explain this. Anyone know an older person, say 80+, with a large apetite?

Everybody shrink, and tall people seem to shrink more. My grandfather was 6’7" from the age 14 on, but when he died he was significantly shorter than me, maybe 6’3".

Another explanation might be that we live hard and die young, but my grandfather had a pretty exciting life and died in his 80s.

John Kenneth Galbraith is in his 90s now I believe he is very tall. Paul Volcker must be getting up in age and he is very tall.

Perhaps you need to be an economist. In that case, I better change professions since I am 6’5".