Why are there more attractive people at the airport?

Here’s what I have noticed… whenever I am at the airport, there are invariably more attractive people there than say, when I am at the post office.

I believe this is because flying is expensive, and so you see more successful people at the airport.

If you believe that, then tell me this: Are attractive people successful because they are attractive, or are successful people able to spend the time and the money to become attractive?

It’s a sort of chicken and egg question.

Or maybe you totally disagree that there are more attractive people at the airport, or maybe you disagree with my opinion that air travel is reserved for the successful.

Tell me what you think.

I think the airport is a freakshow of overstuffed gelatinous blobs of goo.

I think the women look a bit better, since the airport is stuffed with a ton of male business travellers who are just pathetic slobs. Women travelling on business are usually much sharper.

As for the rest of the freaks, I don’t think they own a mirror or have the slightest idea that they look like sacks of shit.

I think that, while you don’t NEED money to be attractive, it helps if you’re not. Hair dyes and makeup cost money, and yes, some of the more expensive brands (even the higher-end drugstore brands) are better and appear more attractive than what can be had for a dollar.

We’ve all seen pictures of celebs without makeup, and many of them are no more or less attractive than Joe Average on the street.

Of course, some people are just naturally more attractive than others, and some people are stunning without doing any work at all. However, a bit of work and money can make an average looking person much more attractive.

Maybe they’re just trying to get away from you as quickly as possible?

OK, someone had to say it.

I don’t recall airports being full of attractive people so much as clueless idiots who just wanted to be told where to go and still couldn’t figure it out.

A friend of mine swore she saw wrestlers every time she went flew though.

I thought I was the only one who noticed this.

First of all, discount all fight attendents. For many years hiring attractive people was the norm, or so it seems to me. That’s seems to be loosened up, but for a long time they seemed to be 20something and attractive. They’re still attractive but more “normal” looking if you will. After all, the airport is their place of employment.

Even discounting that though, there still seems to be a high percentage of attractive people. I was in Dallas at midnight for Pete’s sake and the airport was full of them.

But you know I noticed the same thing at the Sears Tower many years ago when I worked there. Stand outside at 8:00 a.m. and it will break your heart. The amount of just beautiful women entering every morning was amazing.

I concluded it’s just the sheer volume of people going through places like that. Maybe you’re not noticing the other people, or the fact that there are *so many *people, and it’s just the attractive people who stand out. Who knows.

I forgot this part - I’ve never noticed there being an overly-large array of attractive people in the airport. I’ve flown first-class and not noticed a large difference between the attractiveness of the passengers, though I was surrouned by mostly older businessmen, so my idea of attractiveness may be very different from yours.

Attractive people at the airport? Actually, I’ve always thought it was completely the opposite, and with good reason. Fear of missing connections, anger at delayed or cancelled flights, lack of sleep from red-eyes, and bloat from overpriced fast food does not make for an attractive subsection of the populace.

Eh, they all look pretty plane to me.

FlippyFly you weren’t in the Airport at time of posting by any chance were you?

This is hysterical!!!

I’ve noticed this same phenomenon. It seems that the women in the airport are more attractive than the typical woman on the street.

I think part of this is the imperative to “look nice” for your guests or hosts. So a woman dolls herself up more than they would for an afternoon shopping. Add in an attractive outfit, and “Wowzers!” may occur.

I noticed this most picking my wife up from the airport in March. There was a woman there wearing less clothing than I had in the T-shirt I was wearing. Bandeau top, short skirt and a teeny sheer shawl.

And I might add, she had the body to pull it off.

I nearly forgot to get my wife… :smiley:

But how did she not freeze on the airplane? And it’s March in Minnesota. She’d either never been here before, or was planning to become a Cutesicle by the time she got in the car. :eek:


Having been one of the many who traveled on business, 80 percent road time out of each month, I know damn well I did not always look my best. Weather delays, TSA delays, red eyes, junk food, screaming kids on flights, the headaches and fatigue of traveling from one city to another pretty much burns you out fast.

So count me one of the “unattractive” people at an airport. I dress in blue jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes for comfort reason’s, because God only knows how long you will get stuck at an airport these days. Take pity on us road warriors. :slight_smile:

You do realize that you are going to hell for that pun, right?

I know that I shouldn’t be so harsh; I guess I must have some baggage. Perhaps I need to be a better steward of my emotions. I hope that one day I can stop missing connections like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

One summer in college, I had to commute daily by bus from my home in Cherry Creek, to CU-Boulder for summer classes, then back to the industrial area east of Stapleton airport for my job, and then back home.

The best part of my day was my 30 minute layover waiting to change buses at Stapleton. The eye candy was consistently amazing.

Maybe it’s just a function of the fact that you generally have a bit more downtime at the airport then you would have in your normal day (wating in the check-in line, waiting in the security line, waiting at the gate prior to boarding, waiting for your bags when you land…). With a relatively high amount of downtime and (generally) a relatively low amount of other things to think about, you devote more of your mental energy to people-watching. And the more time you devote to people-watching, the more attractive people you’ll notice.

Just a thought.

Are you kidding me? I’m at the airport every Monday and Thursday. Sure there are occassionally attractive women there. You probably notice them because they stand out in the sea of meatsacks wadling through security and fumbling with oversized luggage.

No I was not at the airport when I posted it.

Experiment you should try sometime. Go to the airport, take a gander. Now go take a trip on Greyhound.

I swear, no one will disagree that there are more attractive people flying than there are taking the greyhound.

I wonder how Amtrak weighs in?

Or how about on an airbus? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you take the Acela it’s comparable to first class flying. If you take the Metroliner, it’s kind of like the train Snake Pliskin would use to commute back and forth to New York.

I’ve noticed this too, but have pretty much attributed it to selection bias and the fact there’s just a whole bunch o’ people passing through the airport at any given time. So some of them are going to be lookers.

But I suppose you could pose a few hypotheses. Who do you think gets asked along on vacation more often, the drop-dead hotty, or the average looking girl? (Cue Janis Ian song here.) And of the people who are just flying to exotic locales for adventure, you can expect them to generally be younger and fitter.

On the business flying end, a lot of the people who are flying are salespeople. And while it’s not a universal rule, I would guess that saleswomen are a bit more attractive than average, because it sure doesn’t hurt your chances of making a sale.

C’mon, it wasn’t that bad. You’re acting like it was a terminal case.

I’ll give him props for that one.