Why are there roofing nails all over the ground?

I put this in IMHO instead of GQ because I’m afraid of what the REAL answer might be (get a new roof!)…

I noticed starting about a month ago that there were rusty nails on my back patio. “Weird…” I thought. I figured maybe they somehow got transferred here when my dad and my uncle moved some patio furniture from dad’s house to uncle’s truck to my patio.

Then, I found the same sort of nails in FRONT of the house. “Weird…” I thought. Then I decided maybe they were gutter nails.

But 2 seconds of thought made me realize that gutter nails are LONG, dumbass. These are about 1.5"

I had put them out of my mind until today when I just went out and saw another one on the back patio.

Epiphany! Roofing nails!

But why? As far as I know, my roof is still in good shape. Do nails just fall out of the shingles willy-nilly?

My thoughts are…

  1. For some reason, a combination of dry weather, rainy days, heat and cool are making the nails spontaneously erupt from the roof and fall to the ground.
  2. The raccoon that is trying to eat my dog food in the garage removes one nail from the roof every time I remember to close the back garage door at night (thus, locking him out)
  3. Birds are trying to nest up under my shingles. Better yet - a burrow owl!
  4. Bored kids in the neighborhood have made themselves some sort of nail-shooting gun and are shooting old rusty nails in my direction, as I am on the far side of an empty field.
  5. I need a new roof :frowning:

Any other ideas?

They’re old nails from when the roof was last done and you’re just now noticing them?

They’re old nails from when the roof was last done and they’ve been in the gutter all this time, but now some birds, skwirlz, or giant spiders are throwing them down?

Spontaneous nail production related to Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Call Stephen Hawking.