Why are traffic fines such goofball numbers like $138.20??

How do they come up with the fine amount? I recieved an illegal u-turn ticket for $77.40. I remeber a speeding ticket I got a few years back that was like $118.20. Parking tickets seem to be rounded off to $5, $10, $15 or $20, why are moving violations such odd numbers?

What`s going on here?

I believe that Australian fines are indexed to inflation. They were probably nice, round figures many decades ago. I’m guessing it’s a similar story in the United States.

I would tend to think the fines represent specific labor related charges and other arbitrarily indexed court fees that do not necessarily factor in round numbers.

Right, but what is the structure in which the fines are based on?

I’ve received citations for moving violations in MD, DC and VA and it’s always been a nice, round dollar figure.

That’s pretty much it. The basic fine may be $85, but then you add on the CHP’s administrative fee of 3.5% and the local court’s fee of fifteen bucks and the 1.2% that goes to traffic safety education funds and so on… and it all adds up to a wierd amount.

I’ve never received anything worse than a $35 parking ticket, so the numbers above are made up, but at least it gives an idea of what’s going on.

Maybe they are adding on the tip?

Seriously, in Nevada the sum is always an even dollar amount. Never heard of the $138.20 ticket.

I’ve only received a handful of traffic tickets in my life, but they were all round numbers.

In WA, the fine for not wearing your seatbelt was just increased from $86 to $101.