Why are we alive?

** Why are we alive?**
Because 2 people of the opposite gender’s hips slammed together

** What’s the point of being alive when after a couple of decades we die.**
Because the above is fun even if something isnt alive because of it.

** Who/what is responsible for starting life on planet earth and who/what is it?**

** Why did bring forth life on this planet?**
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind… Pull my finger?

Who says there needs to be a point? Do animals care whether there is any “point” to their living? No, they simply live.

“Why are we alive?” “Why” is a confusing word because it conflates two very different questions into one package that therefore sounds more profound than it is: “From what cause?” and “For what purpose?” Every observable event or phenomenon has a cause, but not every one has a purpose. So far as we know, living things exist because (very primitive) living things can emerge out of certain environmental conditions, and then they can reproduce and evolve. That does not imply any overall purpose to the whole business, nor to the life of any individual organism. Biological evolution, certainly, has no teleologies; it happens like water running downhill, and finding its channel this way or that. If a species finds a stable niche, it might continue virtually unchanged for millions of years like the horseshoe crab; there is no impetus for it to evolve “upward.” There are no Evolutionary Levels.

One hour, 100 years, it’s all the same sub specie aeternatis.

Do you have any Scriptural (i.e., Biblical) authority for reincarnation?

“I s’pect I just growed. Don’t think nobody never made me.”

– Topsy, Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The purpose of life is to live. Life is the end not the means.

When a person has Archangels come down and fix traffic tickets for them, they don’t need scriptural authority.

For very large values of couple.

Actually, we are just the vehicles created by our masters, the bacteria.

  1. Every day you decide for yourself whether to continue or not.
    2-a. Best educated guess? A chemical reaction.
    2-b. Best uneducated guess? Pick the myth that fits you.
    3-a. When it comes to chemical reactions, thems the breaks.
    3-b. When it comes to mythological entities…whatever the myth says it is.

Why presume a point? What need is there for one?

I hear you, brother, and I would guess that it’s more common than we think. My grandmother used to have a saying hanging on the wall (in mock German for some reason): “We are too soon oldt, and too late schmart.”:slight_smile:

Yes but why do the laws of physics exist? Is it because of God? Then why does God exist?

What’s the point of anything existing? And how did it come to exist. Did the universe just create itself because the laws of physics allow that to happen? Then why do the laws of physics exist?

I don’t know that anyone will ever know the answers to these questions.

The most basic unanswered question of cosmology is, “Why is there something instead of nothing?”

  1. There is no point.

I’ll just repost a bit from Brainglutton who, I think, said it best

iow: stuff happens.
2) See how adding a God doesn’t add a purpose either.

Indeed the next question is: What’s the purpose of an afterlife? what’s the purpose of God?

Would you care to elaborate who these Old Ones are?

Wait here, I’ll go grab the Necronomicon.

I think that the generally- allotted 5 to 7 decades is too short for one to finally figure out what the hell one is doing on a sphere that spins on its axis and around the sun.

A human being has organs which have specific functions: hands, the brain, blood capillaries, the heart, mouth, nose, digestive system etc. Each organ has its own “point” and works harmoniously with the rest. Just like a motor vehicle’s point, which consists of different parts fulfilling a specific task, is generally transportation, there should likewise be a general “point” for humans who like the vehicle have many parts carrying out different functions.

But you’re not the only one trying to figure it out. Billions of people have for thousands of years. The total man/hours put into it is staggering and it still hasn’t been answered. Face it, it probably never will be.