Why are you NOT an organ donor?

Many people die for the lack of donated organs, yet millions of perfectly good kidneys, hearts, etc, end up rotting in graves and incinerated in crematoria every year. Doesn’t it make sense to be an organ donor? If you die, at least you can help someone else live.

I’m still using them, dude. Be patient.

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im just plain selfish, sorry.

(also, see sig-- some of my organs ain’t worth a shit!)

Okay, one time I saw a report about how they harvest the organs. They slice the
person stem to stern (I don’t know much about boats, but you can imagine what
this means), in one quick motion then, all the doctors come & get the organs they
are qualified to take. This whole scene was too much for me to think about.

BTW, this is called an ORGAN HARVEST.

The Master Speaks

handy, the thing is…you’re dead when they do it.

So…what’s the biggie?

Isn’t it reasonable to assume that the doctors will not work as hard to ‘fix’ me if they know that my organs can be put in other people? Why should I risk that??

No, I don’t think that’s a reasonable assumption.

I think doctors are pretty good at upholding their Hippocratic oath.

Now, if the doctor you’re using has a patient down the hall with a bum ticker…well… :smiley:

Certain religions have problems with that sort of thing - Jehovah’s Witnesses would, I think, and at least some Jewish sects have very specific instructions about the handling/preparation of the body and its need for being complete. (Pardon my relative ignorance on the topic.)

Well, I think the fact that doctors are ONLY HUMAN counts for more than the fact that they took the Hippocratic oath.

Think about it- do you think that doctors are equally motivated to perform well when it’s a guy who got shot committing a robbery vs. a personal friend of theirs who was injured in a car accident? I doubt it.

Likewise, when the doctors know you’re a donor, they will think to themselves ‘I’ll try to help, but if I don’t succeed, it will be alright because his organs will save others people’s lives’. Therfore they will be less motivate to perform well.

For me, I’m not taking that chance.

I’m sure some people from the medical profession will be by shortly, but I’ve had similar discussions with friends who work at hospitals and I know they would be extremely offended by that line of thought.

Are you SURE you aren’t an organ donor? You sure your brain’s still in there?

For me, it’s just a question of feeling really, really weird about parts of me being scattered all over goodness knows where. I don’t care how selfish that is. It just doesn’t sit well with me, makes me really uncomfortable, and that’s why I’m not a donor.

Damn right. Every single one of the doctors I work with would do all they could to save the life of anyone that came through the door. (Even yours, Surreal. :p) Their job is saving lives, not scrounging up spare parts.

I can’t be a donor because I had Hep B back in 1976.

I dunno, I just figure, what the hell, it’s not like i’m using them anymore.

Being selfish is pretty pointless when you’re DEAD.

Think about it, you can save someone’s life without even doing anything! I don’t get how anyone WOULDN’T want to do that.

Just imagine… “i’m sorry Timmy, you’re going to just have to die because Mrs. X would rather her organs be worm food then to help you sustain life…” I just don’t get it…

Hey, I’ve been on the list since I was a legal adult. My parents don’t like the idea, for some stupid reason, but it’s just specialized meat. It’s not like I’m gonna rise from the dead or something 3 days after they slice out my guts.

And if I did, well then I’d bloody well figure out how to live without 'em!

You funny Barbarian :slight_smile:

My parents had a hissy when I told them I was a donor…“they’ll let you die!” Lord. They also get pissed when I donate blood…

They’re in their late 50’s, I wonder if it’s a generation thing.

We can’t be too sure that our understanding of what makes us concious is as simple as we’d like to believe. For instance, there’s research with shows that people who undergo hypnosis as anasthesia actually do experience pain, though they don’t remember it later. Conciousness may exist at multiple layers, or maybe even outside of the laws of physics if you were to hold with the “ghost in the machine” theory of the body/soul dynamic.

Other examples of how mysterious the mind is comes from split brain cases in which the corpus collossum, (which connects the left and right brain), is cut. The person actually becomes of two seperate minds, with the right part of their body sometimes wanting one thing while the left another. (b/c left brain controls right side of body and vice versa).

My point is that conciousness is a pretty incomprehensible thing. What if when you “die”, you are still, at some level, existing in some incapacitated form via residual neural activity or a spiritual “imprint” or some other mechanism that we don’t understand?

What if as they slice you up to harvest your organs, at some level you are still feeling the prostaglandins incite pain neurons? Just b/c the capacity to * express * this is gone doesn’t mean you aren’t still in torment.

All of this is, of course, quite unlikely, but we are ultimately not intellectually equipped to comprehend the infinities of time and space and our own minds, so anything is possible… :wink:

I always wonder about people who fall off of roofs and don’t remember later. Just because they don’t remember the intense pain doesn’t mean they never experienced it…

Legomancer-“Are you SURE you aren’t an organ donor? You sure your brain’s still in there?

It amazes me just how lacking in common sense, despite being well-read or well-educated, some people are on these boards. Do you really think that doctors and EMT’s are some sort of DEITIES, who do not display the human characteristic of BIAS in there everyday work?

Do you really think that doctors give 100% to EVERY single patient? Or is it possible that the person’s race, income, sexuality, or circumstances of the person’s injury cause them to form biases that can affect their performance?

Do you suppose other professions might have bias? Do you think people really work just as hard when they HATE their boss than they do when they LIKE their boss?

Somebody show me studies that PROVE doctors have just as much success with their black patients as with their white patients. Show me studies that PROVE doctors perform just as well with organ donors as the do with non-donors.