Why aren't Egg Cups common in the US?

Ever since our Big Fat German Holiday a year and a half ago, I have been looking IRL for Egg cups at stores.

I haven’t found a one.

Via Ebay, most of them are from the UK or Europe. Occasionally there will be one from the US, but they are either not what I am looking for ( vintage-ish) or Tupperware.
Why why why why?
My kingdom for a set of 4 ( or 6 would be ideal) egg cups.

I have a nice one.

I keep it on my desk at work for paper clips.

Hmm, I have egg cups, and I see 'em all over.

Have you tried Pier One? Also, Amazon seems to have a whole slew of them.

When I was in Norway, I was baffled by these “egg cups” that were commonly used during lunch time. Seemed rather pointless to me, because either the egg was eaten in a couple of bites, or it was cut up and put on an open-faced sandwich. Plus, it was an extra dish to do.

I don’t know anyone who uses them these days. I remember seeing them in old movies. Maybe people just don’t eat soft-boiled eggs anymore.

I think a mismatched grouping that coordinates would be cool. Here are some sites:




There was an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent where an egg cup played an important part.

That sounds as if you eat your eggs with your hands. If you do, then that is one reason for the difference. The taboo against eating with your fingers is stronger in some countries than in others. e.g. I’ve also heard that some Americans think it’s strange that people here eat their pizza with knife and fork.

Williams-Sonoma sometimes sells them.

When you serve the eggs they’re usually too warm to hold in your hand and egg cups also gives you somewhere to leave the shell. Besides, a soft-boiled egg can also be a bit runny; it’s nice to have something stable other than your hand to put the egg in.
I can’t imagine how I’d eat a soft-boiled - really soft as they should be - egg without putting it in an egg cup.

I’ll get you egg cups - no problem at all. Would you like these so you can customise your own…?

or I can get you ordinary ones - any colour of choice? Or would you like to go for some novelty goodness?


I’m really suprised that egg cups aren’t a global thing!

Well, first off, soft boiled eggs aren’t common here. Second, my dad used to make them and he’d just put them in a custard cup, which was handy because then you could mush everything together with a bit of toast. Tasty stuff.

Basically, people in the US don’t have egg cups because the only thing they’re good for is eating soft boiled eggs, which not many people eat. And on those rare occassions when you do want to eat it, it’s just as easy to stick it in a small bowl.

But but but… how do you dip your soldiers in when there’s no egg cup…? lip quiver

I like soft-boiled eggs, but I don’t often eat eggs so I don’t know how to make them. Basically, I like the whites solid and the yolks runny. How long do you boil them for that?

I haven’t used an egg cup since I was in England. It was a vacuum-formed disposable one.

Well, primitive that I am, I hold the egg in a folded-up paper towel, so as to protect myself from burns. I’m unsure how you’d cut the top off the egg with it standing in an egg cup. What’s the protocol?

Place eggs in a pot of cold water, add a pinch of salt.
When it boils, remove from the heat, let stand for exactly 4 minutes.
Drain and serve…
These eggs will have soft, runny yolks and hard whites.

Thanks. Do you start with the eggs at room temperature, or fridge temperature?

About 4 minutes, I believe.

Room temp.

I found some at Pier 1 Imports when I moved into my apartment, although I’m not sure if they carry them all the time. The funny thing is, I don’t eat hard or soft-boiled eggs; they just seemed like the sort of thing no civilized home should be without. Shirley, if you like, I think I have two identical white ceramic ones I can send you.

Besides, they’re useful for displaying decorated Easter eggs!


A more fool-proof method:

Put your refrigerated egg in a bowl of hot tap water for several minutes so that it brings it up to room temp. Meanwhile, get a saucepan of water boiling. Drop the room-temp egg into the boiling water, let it come back to a boil, reduce heat and let it simmer for app. 4 minutes.

I like this method because when you put a cold egg into a saucepan full of cold water, it’s hard to judge just when the water’s boiling enough to turn it down. A soft-boiled egg requires precise timing or you may end up with runny white or, conversely, a hard-cooked egg.

And I use an egg cup for my soft boiled eggs. I like to cut the toast into narrow strips so I can dip them down into the yolk. It makes me feel all skilled and everything to know how to slice off the top of the egg at just the right place. Putting a SB egg into a custard cup makes somewhat easier eating, but it’s hard to peel a SB egg, it being so soft and all.