Why aren't filtered cigarette holders more popular?

There are different models available, perhaps most famously the TarGard used by Hunter S. Thompson. He said that, after seeing how much tar it removed, he could never smoke without it. He also found the experience too harsh and unpalatable in any case.

I can see how the disposable models might not be economically efficient, but the permanent models are indeed permanent. They only require cleaning.

And yet, one never sees this sort of thing in use. How come?

Because, at least for & of men, the image that comes to mind from a cigarette holder is either a smiling FDR or a cackling 60s-era Penguin. :eek::stuck_out_tongue:

More junk to carry around, for no perceived benefit. Also, citing Hunter S. Thompson as the source for rational thought and stylistic desirability is not going to work too well with a lot of people.

And for women it’s Mame Dennis.

How are these bad things?!