What is so "cool" about smoking?

Coming out of the store today I noticed a few people hanging around smoking and it made me wonder what exactly is so “cool” about smoking? All of the anti-smoking propoganda aimed at teens generally goes like “don’t smoke - it isn’t cool” - well what exactly about it is supposed to be cool?

Does standing around with a stick hanging out of your mouth and flopping around at strange angles when you talk supposed to make you cool? I must have a bad definition of what is cool then. :wink:

I’m not a smoker so I have clue what is supposed to be so alluring. I realize that after you’ve done it for awhile you are generally pretty addicted which makes it hard to stop - but what is so cool about starting?

When there’s propaganda from the government saying it’s not cool - then it’s cool.

Wow - seems like you’ve solved it in one post. I’d have never thought of that. =)

How could something that is directly responsible for more than over 100,000 deaths a year **not ** be cool?

How could something that stains your teeth and fingers a hideous brown color and makes your breath, clothes, car and place of residence smell like deep fried shit not be cool?

James Dean smoked and look how he turned out—dead before the age of 30. (Yeah, yeah I know, cigarettes had nothing to do with his death.)

Maybe people think it’s cool cuz it’s dangerous.
Y’know, like, “look at me - I have a firestick and I’m a-gonna poke ya with it!”

Over the decades, tobacco companies have traditionally portrayed smoking as glamorous, sophisticated, and cool. The images they advertising suggested were you will be popular, independent and outgoing if you smoked. Of course, these advertisements also portray cigarettes as causing slimness by implying that smoking suppresses your appetite. I guess it’s easier to convince some people that being slightly overweight is a lot worse than smoking.

That’s sort of what I’m asking - I always look at those advertisements and think how stupid they look with a flaming stick sticking out of their mouth. I just don’t see how that is supposed to be glamourous. I guess that’s why the ads haven’t convinced me to smoke. :smiley:

It’s the “I don’t give a damn” attitude that comes with smoking that makes people think it’s cool.

I’d say it’s the movies. One of those viscous circles that we’re only slowly getting out of. Back in the 30s and 40s damn near everyone smoked. All those cool people in the movies smoked, your tough old uncle smoked. So all the people who grew up in the 50s and 60s grew up with those images and grew up smoking. People like my dad. And then that echoed again in the 70s and 80s. There’s nothing cool about the act it’s just one of those stereotypes we’ve inherited back before we really knew any better. At least that’s my theory.

We’ve only recently started working hard to break that cycle. It is working. Fewer and fewer Americans are smoking. Hopefully I’ll get to see the act die out in my lifetime.

Well, mostly the movies. All media as well as life in general played apart.

It’s a carcinogenic, small, portable disposable fire containing addictive and toxic chemicals that are often used as pesticide.

And you put it in your mouth.

How is that not cool?

The Hollywood/Madison Avenue theory needs to be rethought. Tobacco was very popular before there were motion pictures or cigarette ads.

Walloon, I don’t think this is about the popularity of tobacco, it’s about why it’s perceived as “cool”.

Anything your parents don’t want you to do is cool.

Sometimes it works the other way, too… both my parents smoked, so I’m the guy who snuffs your cigarette when you’re not looking. :slight_smile:

You have my theory on the wrong end. It’s not that they made cigarettes popular it’s that they took a popular pasttime and made it cool and adult enough to withstand the extremely negative things we now know about them. I mean why else would any rational person today choose to start smoking? I propose it’s only due to the influence of images from media and family when they were young.

As an ex-smoker who is probably old enough to be the dad of all who replied in this thread, it was definitely cool when I started. I don’t know why, it just was. I suppose many things which are cool today, will be thought of as less cool (or more :eek: ) as time goes by. That’s just the way it is. C’est la vie!

The cool thing is that we grew up watching films of tough guys smoking (Eastwood just to mention one… by the way, Clint Eastwood never smoked in real life…)
The thing is, I´m addicted to tobacco now and it´s hard to stop, even if I don´t enjoy it anymore… I´m making an attemp to quit it after the finals, so wish me luck.
And a final advice to non-smokers from a heavy smoker: don´t even START, it´s easy to get hung to it nad hard to quit it, believe me.

Clint never smoked in real life? Damn his cool factor just lost a few points.

When I started smoking, it was cool because my friends did. They got extra smoking breaks at work and since we ate in a different place then the non-smokers we got to be close friends out there. It seemed that we talked to each other more and none of us were the outcasts.

Of course, now all my friends have quit smoking except me and I am an outcast.

As a smoker myself I can say that when I started, it was the “cool” kids who smoked, and it was an obvious and quite visual way to indentify yourself as at least an aspiring “cool” kid by smoking.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I like it still because it gives me something to do with my hands when I’m talking to people. I’ve always had the problem of what to do with my hands, so I like that.

Also, smoking comes with cool paraphanelia, zippo lighters, cigarette cases, cool ashtrays etc.

Superficial? You bet, but it figures in to why I still do it…