Why aren't MAGAs getting scared?

So they started off: “Trump is awesome because he pisses off the Libs! Dur dur dur”.

Okay, I get it. But what started off as “funny” to the MAGAs has turned into some serious shit. Why aren’t they scared they’ve taken the “joke” too far and now this country is turning into something wholly unAmerican.?

Do these idiots think they will be the elite class when this country turns into whatever the fuck it’s turning into

They like what’s happening.

They hope they be in the elite class, but as long as the right people are punished and pushed lower than then that’s all that matters

They don’t give a shit about our country, their countrymen, or in some cases even themselves and their own future. They hate “liberals” - anyone not in the same nutty group as them - with all of their soul. And anything that hurts liberals is a sign that they’re winning, even if it hurts themselves too. For example, if they’re on medicaid and food stamps, and liberals like these things, then they’re willing to cheer Trump to cut them even though it’ll hurt their lives because it means Trump did something that upset liberals.

That’s it. That’s their entire identity now. Spite. They’d burn down their own fucking house so their liberal neighbor’s property value took a hit. That’s all they are.

No, they don’t.

To the extent they think at all… yep.

I think to them realistically it’s better to be with Trump than Biden no matter what. If Trump were to suddenly turn on the Republicans and claim he was starting his own party for the election i doubt 95% of Republicans would follow him. Like the major Republican figures they just want someone who can nominate conservative judges and pay lipservice to Republican ideas and that’s it. Look how fast they turned on John McCain, they would very easily turn on Trump if they found someone else they could back.

Their continuing confidence continues to confound me. Only “massive voter fraud” can stop their boy from winning in a landslide.

Yeah, he could legitimately pull off another EC upset but there’s no way that kind of confidence is justified. Damned if I feel it and the polls are actually on my side.

I’ve confronted them about this numerous times. Some of them even think Trump will carry the state of New York this year.

These are the same people who blast Hillary for being “overconfident” heading into November 2016 (and Clinton at least had legit reason for feeling that way.)

People on the Straight Dope were legitimately claiming Texas must turn blue for Clinton in 2016 which seems equally of suicidal overconfidence.

Sure, but Hillary was at least the national frontrunner in the polls and Texas has shown a purpling trend of late.

Whereas Trump has trailed in almost every poll against Biden and lost New York state to Hillary by 23 percent in the last election. A MAGA would have to believe that there are a couple million fellow Trumpers lurking somewhere hidden in New York to come to a winning conclusion.

The weird thing I remember from the 2016 election was that a lot of Conservatives were confident in Trump getting the popular vote but afraid of him losing the Electoral vote due to a lot of smaller states going for Clinton, so they legitimately wanted congress to quickly pass some ONLY POPULAR VOTE COUNTS amendment quickly.

For some of us, politics is about finding ideas we agree with and getting behind them. I think, for many others, it’s more their identity. They have an ‘other’, which solidifies their bonds with their own community. They have family and friends that are republican, and every time a lib gets owned, they get a charge of endorphins like when their favorite sports team scores.

They can’t change their mind, their political affiliation, because it’s not about ideas to them, it’s about tribalism. They’d have to abandon/be shunned by their tribe, they’d lose that closeness, that part of their identity. In addition, they’d have to admit to themselves that they were wrong for a very long time. To say you were wrong, not about an idea, but about part of your identity, is no small thing.

They’re all in. They can’t believe any other source. They remain confident because they never hear bad news from anyone they believe. They believe what they’re told by Trump and RW news sources, because not believing would mean questioning so much of their self. That’s why they won’t change their mind. I think most of those who are still Trumpers are lost, if not forever, then at least for many years. No argument CAN change their mind.

The thing even more absurd is the claim they make about being too proud, even insulted, to take the help they are offered and entitled to: ‘No thanks! We’d rather continue to dig coal like our daddies and pass on the proud tradition of black lung to our children rather than take the retraining opportunities of clean energy jobs of the future!’

Obstinate fucking morons doesn’t even begin to describe that MAGA mentality.

It’s one inch at a time. Many people can be gotten, little by little, to accept shit they’d never have accepted if it were handed to them all at once in a lump.

That’s also why we keep getting denials of things that seem utterly blatant to many of us – to help people who don’t think of themselves as approving such things to be eased into doing so, bit by bit.

And this.

Combine it with the inch-by-inch: the deeper in you get, the harder it is to admit that you were wrong – because you’d have to admit you were wrong, not about what’s perceived as minor issues, but about what’s perceived as major issues of morality.

People do make that shift, sometimes – but it’s not easy, and it’s rarely rapid.

I have no recollection of that at all. Maybe that kind of news never made it out of the US.

Some of them are hoping he brings about the apocalypse. I know I have an in-law that seems to think it is coming and they are a big T fan.

I think you’re misreading that.

It’s not that they’re too proud to receiver handouts. They aren’t. Tons of people in the reddest of red areas take medicaid, TANF, and SSI/SSD.

They resented Hillary’s attempt to re-educated them for a modern economy because it was an assault on their identity (in their view). They were coal miners. They came from coal miners. Liberals hate coal because they love the environment. They’re not going to be taken from their Real American coal miner work because some liberal wants to save the environment. It was, to them, an assault on their identity, not an offer of a handout to better their lives. That’s why they rejected it.

I have actually read it phrased exactly in that way, as a “handout”. They prefer to keep their coal jobs with the health insurance it provided (however good or bad), rather than be “given government healthcare”, for example.

IMO that pretty perfectly sums it up. We can close the thread; you win completely!!

The scarier thing is that if Trump dropped dead, some other demagogue would appear in minutes and they’d smoothly transfer their allegiance to him.

As long as there’s this tribal group fomented by Fox et al, there’ll be evil people jostling to be their Fuhrer. It doesn’t end in 2020 no matter who wins by how much. It doesn’t end in 2024 either. I’ve got 15-40 years left on this Earth and I doubt I’ll live long enough to see the authoritarian right fade back to background noise in this country.

Wow! That is very perceptive. I think you nailed it!