Why can't I make rotis?

Roti = unleavened flatbread, to go with Indian food. I never have the patience to make proper yeast-risen anything, so I always try rotis. They always fail.

It is so obvious, from the recipe, that they will fail: there are exactly three ingredients, flour, water, and salt. You know what that sounds like? Play-dough. Papier-mache paste.

And guess what? The end result is always curiously like cooked papier-mache paste.

I do follow instructions. I knead, I rest, I get my oven going as hot as it can. No dice.

What am I doing wrong?

How long do you knead the dough? I’ve never made them, but that was my first thought. Basically the difference between paper mache and this stuff is that you’ll need to knead it long enough to get the gluten going. If you’re doing it by hand, I’d say 7 or 8 minute of kneading, minimum.

Recipe says 3-4 minutes… I could try longer, for sure.

No more ideas for rotis?

Aren’t those meant to be cooked on the inside wall of a Tandoori oven?

I somehow doubt a conventional oven could get hot enough.

I think the problem is the oven. My mother-in-law is indian and she uses a little screen/grill like thing over the eye of the stove. It like a small grate that keeps the bread/roti just off of the stove. I’m not sure if it’s a speciality item but you might want to check a indian grocery store. Anyway, she puts it on that screen/grill for just a minute or so on each side. The stove appears to be oh high or very hot. Our stove is electric by the way, probably wouldn’t work for gas. Then rubs a little gee or oil on each side after she pulls it off. Sorry I can’t be more help as I haven’t tried it myself.

I have a gas oven. I wonder if the broiler would work…

Just consulted my wife. Apparently that screen thing is the last step. It just makes the roti puff up. She first cooks them on a flat griddle for a few minutes. Then drops them on to the screen and they puff up. Then remove them. She thinks it would work just fine with gas too, you just might need to experiment with the hight of the flame. But you would need that screen or something similar.