Why can't I open this thread?

In Cafe Society, there is a thread titled “Ramen Noodles.” It’s not locked, and has 4 replies. Here is the link. When I click on the thread title, it takes me to a page stating that I am restricted from accessing that page. Other threads open fine, and this is the first time I’ve recieved this message. What’s the deal?


It was a spammer’s thread, so it was removed. Feel free to start your own ramen noodles thread if you’d like.

Darn it. Now I have to ask. Is Ramen Noodles code for something? Was it really a thread trying to make people buy cheap soup packets over the internet?

Brahman Noodles: Trandsend your desire for satiety. (Now available in Lotus Flavor.)

And SiXSwordS wins the thread! Puns are half the reason to have a language. :slight_smile: