Why Can't I Pair My Computer to My Bluetooth-Enabled Phone?

Both my phone and computer have bluetooth, so why can’t I pair them like I do my wireless earpiece? If I could somehow, would I be able to use my computer’s keyboard to type SMS messages?

It depends on the phone and the phone company. I can connect my phone up and transfer data back and forth (programs,ringtones,pictures,mp3’s). I have not run across any software to let my pc act as my keyboard but that does not mean it doesn’t exist.

My last phone would connect but would basically only let me backup my contacts.

Because your computer Bluetooth adapter is probably intended to pair with a transmit-only device- it’s designed to let you connect a headset/headphones/whatever, not to another computer (or phone).

If your computer has an IR port, or your phone has a USB port, you should be able to use those instead.

ETA: Transmit-only is a bad description. Voice-only would be a better one.

If it’s a Motorola phone, Motorola PhoneTools will let you use your keyboard to send SMS messages, but again, you’ll have to connect via USB or IR.