Do I want a bluetooth enabled phone?

Everyone I have talked to (two people!) says I do.

I think I do. I’ve narrowed my mobile phone choice down to two. One has bluetooth built in; the other does not.

I definitely need some sort of headset, either corded or uncorded. I’m not a tin foil hat wearer, so I’m worried about what talking on my cell phone is doing to my brain (the jury is still out, right?).

Actually, the main reason is that I just wanna talk with my hands free.

So…a nice, wireless bluetooth headset? Or an annoying, tie-me-down, strangle me, get-in-my-way corded headset?

The cost difference will be about $40.

Oh! I promise I will NOT walk around with the bluetooth headset in my ear when I’m not talking on the phone.


I just got a Bluetooth phone, and I really like it. The wireless headset alone is awesome, but the ability to connect the phone up directly to a computer and transfer contacts, photos, and ringtones back and forth is pretty nice as well. (Note that some providers, e.g. Verizon, cripple this capability so they can sell you stuff like ringtones.) Definitely get the Bluetooth.

Yes, you do, for more reasons than the headset.

I use mine to wirelessly sync up my contacts and calendar between my phone and my computer. When I turn my computer on, events or contacts entered on my computer go to my phone, and vice-versa. It’s nice for that alone… no need for separate address books.

I also bought a bluetooth enabled car stereo. Now when I get a call, my CD pauses , phone audio comes out of my speakers, and I talk into the air. It’s awesome! I get a lot of weird looks in my Jeep with the doors and top of when people can clearly hear my conversations in parking lots and such.

Wasson and Giraffe (and anyone else):

How do I hook the phone up to the computer? Can it be done over my wireless internet?

Or do you have a bluetooth laptop?

Or do I have to buy something that connects to my USB port.

Honestly, if could type my contacts and upload them…that would be awesome. The thing I hate about a new cell phone is typing in all those names and numbers.

Thank you!!

Put something with teeth on my ear? :eek: No way.

You’ll either need a Bluetooth-enabled laptop (that’s what I use), or you can buy a USB Bluetooth dongle fairly inexpensively, I believe.

Once you enable Bluetooth in your phone, the computer should just see it. (You may have to enter a numerical “password”, usually 0000 or 00000.) It will look like an external drive to your computer, with folders for music, photos, etc. My Sony Ericsson phone required a separate program from their website to sync up my contacts, but it was pretty easy to set up.

It is awesome. You know what else is awesome? When your phone decides to bid goodbye to this cruel world, you’ll have all the contacts that you entered into it, and the new phone can sync up in a few minutes.

Good point.

Sure, you can swap SIM cards when upgrading phones, but if the phone’s been lost or destroyed, there’s no problem to sync the new phone with the PC’s address book and be right where you left off.

Not that it matters, but are there any Bluetooth phones that don’t have SIM cards?

Having a Bluetooth headset for your phone is pretty nice, especially if you hate getting wire tangles all the time.

My mobile phone is my 24/7 phone. I can put the phone down in an area of good reception in my apt. and then walk around with the headset. Meh.

A USB Bluetooth dongle for your computer costs mebbe $30.

BTW, Amazon was having a great deal on the Motorola HS820 Bluetooth headset. Mine works great and connected up to my Motorola V557 in about 10 secs.

Any bluetooth phone on a CDMA network won’t have a SIM card. For this reason, the syncing with a computer is hugely valuable.

I use a MacBook with built in bluetooth and iSync. It works perfectly with no hassles or 3rd party software necessary. As previously mentioned, my phone is on Verizon and is therefore crippled, unable to be loaded with ringtones and photos. But it works great for contacts and calendars.

I can also use my computer as my phone. So I get a phone call with my phone in my pocket. My laptop flashes the number on the screen. I answer via the computer’s built in mic, and the sound comes through my computers speakers. Pretty sweet stuff.

Not meaning to hijack the thread or anything, but how on earth do you do this? I’ve been using bluetooth phones on Macs for years (Salling Clicker has to be one of the best bits of software ever invented…), but I’ve never known how to take calls through my computer…