Why can't I record sound on my DVD recorder?

I’m trying to set up my Toshiba D-R410KU DVD recorder and everything works except I can’t record sound.

I have an S-Video cable running from the satellite box/dvr(VIP622) to the back of my DVD recorder, and an S-Video + RCA audio cables running from the back of the DVD recorder to my TV.

My manual says I need to run audio cables from the back of my satellite box to my DVD recorder, but there is no audio output from the satellite box. WTF???

Yes there is, it’s just not located directly adjacent to the S-video port. Over to the left of the S-video OUT port on the VIP622, you’ll see some “out” RCA jacks. From images I’ve found on the web, it appears that right next to the vertical green/blue/red row of component video connections, you should have three more RCA ports, yellow/red/white. Those are what you’re interested in. Run another pair of RCA cables from those red and white connectors to the corresponding audio-in ports on your DVD recorder (you don’t need to hook up the yellow connection, because that just carries video, and you’re using S-video for the video signal) and try it again. Or, there’s also an optical audio connector port right above the S-video port, if you have an optical cable and your DVD recorder can take in optical audio; I’m betting it can’t, but you never know.

OK. I finally got around to tearing open the back of my parent’s home entertainment system and it works. Thanks.