Why can't my computer see the songs on my burned CD?

I just burned a CD using Windows Media Player. It appeared to work correctly. And all the songs play just fine on my CD player. So how come when I put the disc back in my computer, Windows still thinks it’s blank? How can I fix this?

Are you sure you burned it as an audio disk? If your CD supports MP3 discs, it might have still played.

But still, it shouldn’t be seen as blank, so I don’t know. Have you visually checked it for dust/hairs, etc?

Can the drive still read other discs? Maybe the drive happened to die on you at that point.

Is it a CD-R or a CD-RW?

The CD I burned to is a CD-R. The drive I’m trying to play it with is my laptop’s CD-RW drive (the same drive that burned it), which normally plays audio CD’s just fine. But I think for some reason it can’t tell that this is an audio CD now (or maybe I need to do something other than just buring the music in order to make it an audio CD). However, if it’s not burned as an audio CD, why would it play on my discman?

I didn’t rip to MP3. It says I ripped to “Windows Media Audio”

Clarification: it ripped to WMA. The help file says it converts that to PCM when burning. So I assume it should be PCM format on the CD

When you browse to it with windows explorer, does it look blank there?

It could be a one-off glitch. Someone recently gave me a burned-DVD that my G5 could not/would not recognise. (My G4 could read it fine). A week later they gave me another one, burned exactly the same way, and the G5 could see it no problem.

So first thing to do might be to try burning another compilation, just to rule out a one-off glitch.