Why can't people just use Christ???

I think it is rather ignorant to leave Christ out of Christmas, and using X-mas instead. Are people so afraid of pissing someone off with the name of the holiday that it was STARTED FOR having Christ in it? Granted, in general Christmas means Santa Claus, but still… has Separation from Church and State really gone that far? I find it ridiculous…

Ignorance isn’t bliss. It is just another way of shooting yourself in the foot.

I have to agree with you… Ignorance is not bliss, cuz you don’t seem to be very happy in that state.

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X-mas as a shortened version for Christmas originated in the early church.originated with early Greek Christians. X is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ: Xristos. Later, the word X-MAS came to mean “Christ’s Mass” Besides… how you write the word is not that big a deal. There are too many real problems in the world to give something like this a second thought.

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Xmas is the original form & it’s most excellent. Christmas is the modern form & it has a second definition [or used to]:
Ki•riti•mati \ke-"ris-mes—sic\ or formerly Christ•mas "kris-mes
island (atoll) in the Line Islands; largest atoll in the Pacific area 234 sq mi (608 sq km), pop 674

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“Why can’t people just use Christ???”

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I use Christ every morning. Hey Ma, just one cavity!

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I write xmas because a) it is shorter and b) I’m not a Christian and I’d rather not use Christian words in a holiday if I don’t have to. To me xmas is a holiday for being nice to everyone, thinking of those less fortunate than yourself, and giving presents. In our house, Christ has no part in it and I don’t want him to.

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I tried to use Christ, but it gave me a rash and I decided to think for myself instead.

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Christ isn’t looking forward to his next birthday, appearently.

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Let’s try that again:

Christ isn’t too happy about his upcoming birthday: http://www.theonion.com/onion3544/jesus_birthday.html

But his salvation does now come in gel form!: http://www.cbsradio.com/mp3/salgel.mp3

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Anyway, as we all know, Christmas was stolen by the Christians. It was perfectly happy being a pagan ceremony for so many other peoples, like Saturnalia, and MidWinter’s Festival, and stuff like that.

I’d prefer to think of Christmas as a family occasion, when you gather together and have a good time, eat loads of stuff, and give gifts to the little kids (if that’s your thing). Outside of that, it sucks.

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For the same reason some people can’t use science fiction; they can’t suspend disbelief.
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Jesus does his shopping at the Johnson Grocery Store,

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I use Xmas for the same reason I use IIRC, WAG, and FYI–it’s shorter.

Besides, do you honestly think saying Xmas instead of Christmas is going to cause people to forget who the holiday is about? Like, maybe it’s really Malcolm X’s birthday we’re celebrating?

Blame the early Christians. They started it.

Are people so stupid that they don’t realize that “X” is not the English letter “x,” but the Greek character “chi,” corresponding to the “Ch-” sound? Do they know they’re ranting over something started by Christians? (P.S.-by “people” I mean you, counterattackii.)

What the hell does “Separation from Church and State” have to do with it? Is there some law mandating use of “Xmas”?

That’s apparently because you aren’t real bright.

Shouldn’t this be in Great Debates?


Jesus is coming.
Everybody look busy!

Are you referring to Malcolm the Tenth?


Well, I usually write “christmas”, because it’s longer, seems more correct, and I like big words. :slight_smile:
But as an athiest, I celebrate only the materialistic aspects of the holiday, and when I feel a need to emphasize that, I’ll write Xmas.

And yes, I do celebrate the materialistic nature of the shopping frenzy, the spending of hard-earned money on gifts. To me, xmas is all about coming down to the tree in the morning and opening up those gifts.

Xmas should only be used by adults.
Gmas and PGmas are appropriate for kids, while Rmas may be used by kids if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

I typically use “Xmas” simply because it’s a lot shorter than the proper name of the holiday: Jesus H. Christmas

God, you really need to post more often. Every time you do, you make me laugh. But I suppose that’s what a good God is supposed to do, isn’t it?

BTW, I never knew that the X in Xmas was actually a Greek thing, and wasn’t simply a removal of Christ from the word Christmas. Pat yourselves on the back–you’ve eradicated a little ignorance! Thanks!