Why can't we edit?

Argh. It’s a pain. I never see my mistakes until five minutes after I type them. Sometimes I leave out words or say ‘should’ instead of ‘shouldn’t’ and it changes the entire meaning of my post.

Why can’t we edit??

Polite FYI. questions abou the board need to be put in ATMB (About this Message Board) forum.

If your talking about editing your posts to the board , this one anyways. I think it had to do with not being able to go back and take your words back. While you may not have that in mind , other people might.

It sorta forces you to use the preview button first ,before posting , or accepting for all time ,what you may have written , for good or ill , bad or atrocious grammar and the like.


Because, unfortunately, some asshats had the problem of making wildy insane statements, then when someone called them on it, they’d edit their original post and delete the bizarre comments. As usual, a few shitheads had to spoil it for the rest of us.

“If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB”

I take it back. Wait. I can’t :smack:

Previeq button is for wimps!!111

What can’t you perview?

Well, that was a mess. And completely unintentional. :smack:

I was bored so I did the leg work:

And for Lobsang:

question on board policy - ATMB or The BBQ Pit?

Like I said, I had some time on my hands :wink:

Because editing is for pussies. We post “Iron Man” style on this board.

Just be sure to poofread and peeview.

there’s no edit function because GOD SEES YOU and SEES WHAT YOU DO, YOU STRUMPET!

Seriously, is the inability to edit your post such a great loss? As mentioned a few times already, preview is available, and previewing your posts is a good habit to get into.

Of course, being human, you will always make mistakes. Some of these mistakes will slip through preview. But so what? The people reading your post are human too, and humans can interpret the intent of a text based on its context. If a typo changes the meaning of your post entirely, you can always post a correction.

Nobody here is going to think less of you if you make a mistake (unless your post is utterly riddled with typos). If anyone does judge you by your typos, they are violating the “don’t be a jerk” rule, IMO.

Note that posting a witty one-liner about your typo doesn’t count as judging – it’s merely having a bit of fun at your expense. But if someone says (or implies) something along the lines of “you made a typo here, therefore your argument is invalid”, then they are a jerk, plain and simple.

Unless your argument is, “I am a perfect typist.”

Here is something I or anyone else could do given the edit feature (currently reserved for mods, admins and the Perfect Master):

  1. Write libellous statements, then edit them five minutes later so the evidence disappears (this only works if nobody else sees it).

  2. Post links to porn for someone, then remove it before a mod can see it. It’s only cheating if you get caught, after all.

  3. Post something knowingly against board rules, then change it before anyone sees (you hope nobody sees it, anyway).

Suggestion: preview twice, post once. Any coding error you have will show up in a preview.

We have no edit because on this board we like to go commando.

Though if you insist on wimpiness, why not copy-and-paste your trenchant insights over into MS-Word or similar software for a spell-check?

Now that you’ve managed to get all the witty replies from the general run of riff-raff on this board, I’ll move it to ATMB, where you now realize it should have been posted.

Please don’t think that the responders to your thread are in any way representative of this board. They are merely the bottom of the food chain and act as our garbage disposal unit.

Now that I read the replies, you got some great information. This fora is becoming civilized. :eek:

OK, everyone! Extra “things” in your swill, tonight!


samclem GQ moderator.

Hey, wait a sec, can you insult us while moving a thread OUT of the pit?

Hey, He didn’t insult me. He provided me with Mod approval of my first post in this thread by moving it to where I suggested it should be.
I am a sucker for approval from above.

:eek: is right. Cecil shoulda trained you not to use a plural noun with a singular verb and adjective! :smack: :wink:

Hot mush instead of cold mush?