Why can't we edit?

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Complain to Ed. Everyone else does. :smiley:

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I am fully in favor of not having an edit feature, even if we didn’t run the risk of jerks doing the things impunha mentioned. As has been said, not being able to edit posts encourages people to proofread (always a good thing) and to think hard about whether they really want to post something that might be inflammatory. Plus, when it comes to spelling or grammar, most typos aren’t that serious…it’s typically pretty easy to discern a poster’s actual meaning. And if not, a simple follow-up correction post doesn’t hurt anything.

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I just wanted to add that any serious errors can be fixed by a Moderator. For instance, if you type “now” when you meant “not.” Or screwing up the “spoiler” code. Generally, the forum moderators are happy to fix such things for you – although, since you can’t report your own post, you might have to report the prior post and tell the Mod what you want. Please be specific in such requests!

And one of the advantages of not allowing editing is that people have become less concerned with carping on each other’s grammar and typing and spelling. In the olden days, folks would take delight in pointing out errors in the posts of others. Inability to edit has made most of us more tolerant of insignificant errors.

Technically samclem posted while the thread was in the pit, then moved it to about this message board. No backlash, guaranteed :smiley:

Mentioned it the last time this type of thread came up…
Solutions to the abuse problems mentioned:
Put a link to the unedited post in a note at the bottom of the edited post.

On the board I’m referencing there was automation to avoid archiving everyone’s typos, but an equivalent feature could be implemented in other ways to avoid unnecessary waste of storage.

It’s probably a good suggestion, 10100, but there’s a difficulty with it. We do not have the resources (people or time or money) for programming changes to the system.

Changes that can be implemented within the system’s variable controls, great. Changes that require programming could, at best, be put on the “to do” list where they will remain for the foreseeable future. Our tech crew are excellent and superb, but they’re doing way more than just worrying about these Boards. In fact, they don’t worry about these Boads and they rarely pay attention unless they have to. It’s a simple question of resource allocation, and in the READER’s broad scheme of things, the Message Boards just don’t get much priority.

No waiting! Moderators are standing by 24 hours a day to transform your errant consonants!

Try our handy hot line at ckdexthavn@aol.com!

Beginning a sentence with a conjunction is considered poor form by some.

And items in a list should be separated by commas, except the last one: grammar, typing and spelling

Well, naturally. I often add deliberate errors to my posts, to remind myself that only God is perfect.


So? What’s the big deal? I don’t care if somebody did something like this, and I don’t really see why it’d be such a big deal. They’d simply be banned, and that woudl be that.

I post on boards that have many, many times the members here- and arguments that are every bit as contentious. They allow editing, and the boards somehow survive. :rolleyes: In fact, this is the ONLY board I post on (where the features COULD allow editing) and editing isn’t allowed.

So- why should a “few shitheads be allowed to spoil it for the rest of us”? Are they running this board? Are we so afraid of this happening once or twice that we can’t allow a few simple edits?

Now, yes- some boards have set the controls so that editing is only loowed X minutes after the post. Fine.

  1. So? Then ban them. They can do that now- except that the post doesn’t disapear. Note that there seems to be a record of what was posted- available to the staff if they needed it. Even if not- so- you have a libellous statement up for 5 minutes- big freaken deal. Ether no-one saw it, or they did and quoted it. So? :dubious:

  2. So? Then ban them. If somebody wants links to porn- if they have access to this site, they have access to zillions of them. Big freaken deal. :rolleyes:

  3. So? If no one sees it- who gives a damn? :dubious: :rolleyes:

The problem, Dr Deth, is that it’s real easy to say “ban them.” Banning is not automatic, it requires work by the moderators. And banning a paying customer requires a couple levels of approval.

So, the long and short of it is, that the changes you’re suggesting have a lot of merit, but would ultimately mean more work for the Moderators. And the Moderators are unwilling to increase their burdens at this time.

Make that a continuous “unwilling.” Do NOT limit it to “at this time.”

I feel so used, having been bought and paid for by a free mug. :slight_smile:

I should also note that there are many times in real life (shudder) when you cannot “edit” your remarks. So, we’re helping to teach you to preview (i.e., think before you talk or write.)

Long and short of it: there’s the potential for much pain and annoyance and work if we allow edits. And on the other side, so there’s the occasional typo. Big deal.

Well, that’s OK then. I can accept “it will make more work for the Moderators” and they work hard enough as it is, so…

But the whole “it will destroy the Board as we know it- and Western Civilization to boot!!! :eek:” thing was specious.

My problem is that I make a lot of typos. I post mainly on other boards, and I have gotten used to typing, posting, reading, then correcting. So my posts here tend to look like they were typed by an illiterate gerbil. :smack: And, I hate that.

However, I do think you dudes are perhaps being too worried about even the extra work. Can I suggest this? A trial run in ONE forum where the Mod(s) say “OK”- and for Members only? See if it really is that much more work. If it is, or if the world ends because of it, then you’ve at least given it a try and found it didn’t work. Then you could say "we tried it, and it was too much work for the Staff’ or “we tried it, and it caused a chain reaction that destroyed the entire universe” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for being rational about this. You dudes are doing a great job, and you have my sincere thatnks for putting up with me and most everyone else! (now, a “kudos” or “bowing” or “thumps up” smiley would be VERY handy, hint, hint)

Unless there are only three items: grammar, typing, and spelling.

They did try it, once upon a time, and it was too much work then. The board has since grown by about tenfold, and I can’t conceive that it would be any less work now.