Why can't we edit?

Well, that must have been more that 5 years ago? Things have changed, people have died, the world has rotated. There are many many more boards now.

—points and laughs—


I personally think we should be able to edit our posts until someone else posts in the thread, but after that they should be permanent. That would eliminate a lot of the “oops, I just realized I made a mistake” posts, but would still limit the potential for abuse. Specifically, once someone objects to something you said, it would be too late to take it back.

I don’t know how hard this would be to implement, though.

There was a short time when we could edit. I think it was when we went to the newer BB. It sucked, actually, for the reasons given above.
Preview or live with the consequences, I say. Be brave. Most of these postings are conversational in tone. If you say something without thinking (preview) and then regret it, you just got to live with it. You can restate, and try to clear up any misconceptions, but you can do that here.