Why can't we get morbier cheese anymore?

No one carries it, and when we ask cheese shops why, they tell us stories about tarifs and import duties and various other nefarious things, none of which sounds convincing. Seems very strange. Anyone else having that problem? What’'s the straight dope?

A quick search of “morbier” (because I’d never heard of it) and google auto filled it to 'morbier ban" and this was one of the first hits.

Commence Cheese Shop Sketch quotes in 3…2…1

I love Morbier and used to eat it all the time. You’re right, though, I haven’t seen it available in a while. I can think of only two reasons: A) all the smoking restrictions that have been enacted in the US over the past 10-15 years have led us to eschew cheese with ashes in it; B) the magic of the marketplace! Maybe there’s no call for it these days, people are buying other cheeses in a fast-expanding market, and the cheese shops don’t stock it.

I haven’t missed it, really. There are lots of mild semi-soft French cow’s-milk cheeses available. Comte is a good substitute and I see it everywhere.

Thanks for the link! I just had some Tomme de Savoie last week, so it’s back. Nice cheese, at LEAST as good as Morbier.

How do you even measure morbiness in cheese? I mean you have to have some baseline for comparison before you go deciding that your cheese isn’t already morby enough.

You should at least know what “morby” means. Which I don’t. A little help, please?

I’m a little confused. Amazon.com provides a handful of links to buy morbier cheese. Is that somehow different?

I haven’t noticed it not being available, though I haven’t specifically looked for it lately. I have to run to the local co-op today, which carries a nice selection of cheese. I’ll see if I can find any.

If there is a ban on the actual French stuff, Carr Valley makes a nice morbier-esque cheese. Maybe that’s easier to find?

Well, like Satchmo said to the little old lady from Pasadena, “If you don’t know by now, lady, don’t mess with it.”

Yep - that’s curious, all right, in light of the FDA ban as cited by** Joey P.** I can report that no place in the area, and I’m in Chicago - hardly a backwater of cuisine - and no one carries it any more.

I admit that I don’t know the intricacies of cheeses, nor of FDA language. However,I don’t read Joey P’s link as quite saying there is a current ban. It’s from 2014, and include this paragraph:

One of the links that the FDA notice include does list two morbier cheeses that subject to “Detention Without Physical Examination of Cheese Due to Microbiological Contamination”. Are those two sources the only sources of morbier?
Here are some reviews from this year from a place that claims to have it for sale. Here’s one from February 11, 2016:

Another review notes:

So perhaps it’s a slightly different process, or made with local products instead of being important from overseas. I can see how that would make a difference.