Why care about UFOs?

Contestant#3 seems to care a lot about UFOs. The topic never really interested me. But I’d like to understand this fascination. If UFOs really exist, what’s in it for me? Are they gonna come down and give me a million bucks?

Also another topic: conspiracy. Who gives a shit? If you uncover a conspiracy of which you have no part of, have you really gained anything? Is it written somewhere that if you uncover some conspiracy, you get a million bucks?

For me, I think I can think of better ways to get a million bucks.

There’s always another beer.

…because they are a lot more interesting than religion and easier on your liver than beer.

Contestant #3

That doesn’t really answer the question, C#3.

I’m interested in beer because it makes me feel good. I makes my senses dull, if not numb. I like money because when I have some, it always feels good. I like blowjobs because, well, it feels good.

So tell me, C#3, how does arguing about UFOs make you feel good?

There’s always another beer.

Beeruser writes:

“If UFOs really exist, what’s in it for me?”

Given your value system, I’d hope that maybe they’d have some tasty kind of intoxicant beverage for you…or a plentiful socialist economy…or perhaps some space-wentches with some “out of this world” BJ techniques!

Beeruser then writes:

“Is it written somewhere that if you uncover some conspiracy, you get a million bucks?”

Maybe. Consider the rights to the “made for TV” movie, the potential royalties from book sales, not to mention the airtime on Larry King…

Contestant #3


You haven’t been paying attention.

C#3 doesn’t answer questions.

He’ll either point you to some moronic link, or ignore you.

According to the Pope, a woman can be a saint, but not a priest.

Hey Wally,

How about that promise to avoid my posts? That lasted for a whole 24 hours didn’t it?

Contestant #3

I know, C#3, I just can’t help myself. I guess I’m afraid you’ll think I’m beaten.

According to your criteria for evidence, silence is acceptance. It’s not.

I’m starting to think that maybe it’s the number of responses to your posts that matter to you.

Beeruser, if aliens really are visiting our planet, I think that would be a great discovery! Think of what they could tell us! I, for one, would love to see it happen. The problem is that some people confuse what they would like to happen with what actually does happen. So they see a light in the sky and “think” it must be aliens.

So I understand the fascination with the idea, but some people go beyond that to a fascination with nonsense.

I think I’ll start here with a response to what I took as a serious question. It is after all, the Great Debates forum.

I think there are many reasons why people are interested in UFO’s, or more likely, IMO, the beings piloting them. The simple answer is just the curious nature of the human race. But if you want to break it down a little bit, consider these:

  1. A genuine interest in lifeforms which did not originate on this planet. Perhaps this could be called a biological interest.
  2. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see what we could learn from them. I’m not saying UFO’s exist, but pending any real proof I believe there are other forms of life in the universe. The real question is whether they have visited us. This appeals more to my technical side.
  3. Good old fear. Perhaps people think they are coming to destroy us. Witness all the Hollywood bilge on this topic.
  4. If I may be so bold as to bring up the ugly specter of religion, maybe some people are curious to see if the aliens have any more of a clue than we do. Or even perhaps we are just one of their experiments.

Now, off the topic. As I said above, I interpreted BeerUser’s question as a serious one. If Wally and C#3 didn’t see it that way, maybe they shouldn’t have responded. If you guys really want to have another pissing match, please don’t do it here. There is a forum designated specifically to vent your spleen.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

I will respond as if it was a serious question too…

We must as intelligent thinking people constantly stretch our own limits of understanding.

We are curious by nature, if we werent, we would still be eating raw meat in a cave, with ‘kilroy’ level language skills.

While I agree it would be much more pleasant to merely stick our heads in the sand and quielty go on with our own business, never concerning ourselves with the great questions of ufo’s, religion, good & evil, right & wrong, etc, that just isnt human nature.

On a related thread, I believe I responded to a similar question from Polycarp. My main reason for being interested in UFOs is that I believe there are four threats to the survival of the human race, and the possibility of conquest by a hostile extraterrestrial civilization is one.

I’m glad to see that the Beerocracy (Beeruser and UncleBeer) are taking the question seriously. I’ve always liked the quote that I believe is attributed to Carl Sagan: “Either we’re the only intelligent life in the Universe. Or we’re not. Either way, it’s a sobering thought.”

A quick semantic quibble: UFO means “unidentified flying object” and is not synonymous with “flying saucer.” May I suggest ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle) when we want a quick and dirty term for “things observed which we want to describe as what aliens are flying”?

Given that, I think we could learn an immense amount from them, even if they are advanced beyond us only in having ETVs. In virtually every social-science field, we are handicapped by having only a single intelligent species to study. The religion issue is, as UncleBeer points out (and which has been dealt with on another thread) obvious. Biology, astrophysics, planetology, you name it: having their data would change our world.

Question: There is an assumption in much science fiction that the more intlligent or advanced race must exercise extreme care in dealing with the less, to avoid instilling a racial psychic inferiority complex. Do you think this is valid?

IMO, not only is that a valid consideration, but one which grew out of the whole UFO paranoia biz. Assuming that you’re referencing the “Prime Directive” ideal, it would seem to me that the whole inclusion of such an ideal was - like so many other plot derivations of the Star Trek genre - purely the result of media attention to such topics. It was sort of the scriptwriters way of answring the whole UFO question - if there was intelligent life visiting this planet, wouldn’t it be nice if they could either be up front about it and “reassure” us that they meant no harm, or be a little more careful about concealing their work.

As far as the idea of instilling an ‘inferiority complex’, check out the other threads on UFO’s and the statements of those who obsess on them. Apparently, DIF worries about the extinction of humanity at the hands of a malevolent, aggressive extra-terrestrial species.

We got more than enough psycho’s down here to help along the extinction bit. Seems a little trivial.


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Yeah, but those are the ones I ‘worry’ about under the ‘nuclear war’ and ‘biological war’ headings. I ain’t losing any sleep at the moment. I’m more worried about a biological weapon being used. The sudden outbreak of “west Nile virus-like” disease in New York’s got me tapping a finger . . .

I wouldn’t classify DIF as a “loony” who “obsesses” over it. He’s made it clear that he’s interested because he sees it as one potential threat. I think that a “dinosaur-killer” asteroid is a significant threat to humanity (and every other species more advanced than the cockroach). If opportunity presents, I let my Congressman know that the proposed sky search to see if any asteroids are on Earth-impact orbits is worth funding. I don’t obsess over it. DIF strikes me as taking the same view.

Yeah, the Star Trek Prime Directive. It wasn’t my source, though. Heinlein and Jack Williamson, to name two, had written about the idea when Gene Roddenberry was junior assistant prop man (or the equivalent).

I think a lot of people are hoping that the aliens in their ETVs (which sounds eerily like SUV) will gladly hand over their cold fusion and FTL technology. Maybe in exchange for a commodity rare and precious on their planet but common on ours. Like french vanilla pudding or styrofoam peanuts.

What is it about the West-Nile virus epidemic that makes you suspicious, DIF?

A little bit of insight as to why people want to believe UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft can be found in the nature of the aliens reported by people who have claimed to have seen them (or people who believe others who claim to have seen them). UFO Aliens, almost without exception, are described as belonging to one of two categories:

(1) Vastly intelligent benefactors who have come to Earth to enlighten us or make our wishes come true (although they may feel that we’re not yet “ready for” or “worthy of” their gifts), and

(2) Evil conspiratorial creatures who torture innocent victims in their lab experiments and (usually) are secretly in cahoots with various government agencies to hide their existence and/or better prepare the public for their future subjugation.

In both cases, aliens are intensely interested in the affairs of us humans, and in fact have human-like motives themselves.

In short, the two cases described above are virtually indistinguishable from (1) Angels, and (2) Demons.

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C#3, just once could you let us know which is the truth?

  1. I really believe in U.F.O.'s.
  2. I am just jerking everyone’s chain because it’s the only way I can get people to talk to me.
  3. Both.

What interests me is the overlap between belief in extraterrestrial visitors and belief in any number of paranormal powers – from telekinesis to waterwitching.

I mean, believing in the possibility of ETVs makes some sense, I suppose. There are certainly lights in the sky to gawk at and plenty of “witnesses” to believe if you want. And, of course, the whole question of life on other planets is fascinating, so a little of that legitimacy rubs off on the UFO business.

But C3 apparently also believes all kinds of claims about mental powers and such. I just don’t see what encourages that kind of faith in the unseen.

So I’m asking seriously, with no intention to insult: C3, do you believe all claims of Mysterious Powers or just those for which you see some kind of proof? If you accept the existence of most such phenomena, does it ever occur to you that you believe because you WANT to and not because there’s a good reason?

Up, up and away!

Hey, C#3! Apologies in advance if you’re not a believer in all kinds of psychic phenomena. I saw your thread about the Amazing Randi and assumed you believed in the types of things he disproves. But others later in the thread got me to thinking that maybe I had misjudged you.

Sorry about that.

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