Why "Charlie" and the Chocolate Factory?

Why isn’t the latest movie called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

I’m curious.


Because the book is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

The book.

A better question might be, “Why was the first movie NOT called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?”

Ah, I see. I’ve asked a stupid question.

Carry on.

The story is indeed about Charlie, and a Chocolate Factory, and not really about Willy Wonka at all, though of course he does figure prominently.

There are no stupid questions.

If you believe there are “No stupid questions”…you’ve never worked in retail sales. :rolleyes:

The book could spend several chapters introducing Charlie and his poverty-stricken life with his four invalid grandparents and all that crappy depressing stuff, but the original movie had no such free time and knows it has to get to the factory and Willy Wonka ASAP.

Or possibly Gene Wilder had a really good agent.

…only stupid people :slight_smile:

I don’t think Large Marge is a stupid person though, just someone who’s only exposure to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was via the first movie.

No I haven’t worked in retail, but my wife does so I know what you mean, second hand.

Somehow 90% of my own brain cells seem to go into hybernation upon entering a shopping centre so I’m fairly forgiving of retail stupidity.

But there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


[OT]Back in college… One day, after choir rehearsal, I walked up to the director (Dr. Armstrong) and said, “Can I ask you a stupid question?”

Naturally, he said, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Go ahead.”

My question: “Would you like to play Lieutenant Worf at a Star Trek “How To Host a Mystery” party?”

His response: He grabbed me by the lapels and shouted, “IT REALLY IS A STUPID QUESTION!!!”

And then he said yes. :slight_smile: [/OT]

I’m looking forward to the new film – however it turns out. This is because I’m one of the apparently few people (as far as I know) who disliked the Gene Wilder version.

I never really cared for the Gene Wilder version , either. But, I have hopes for this one. :smiley:

and I’ve always loved the book.

This may be true, but in my experience, there are stupid questions on both sides of the retail sales desk.

While looking at used cars with a friend of my from England the salesman heard him speak and said “You must be from Germany”. :rolleyes:

…and be glad you don’t have this person waiting on you! :slight_smile:

That story made my morning.

We have the DVD of the Gene Wilder version, and a few days ago my daughter was watching a documentary on the special features. I only saw it in passing, but I seem to recall TPTB talking about the candy bar tie-in. To help promote the “Wonka Bar,” it was decided to call the movie “Willie Wonka and…” rather than “Charlie and…” Whoever was speaking on the documentary (sorry for being vague) found it amusing that the candy bar flopped, but the movie, which they had thought would flop, was successful.

You wore lapels to choir practice?

Where was this, Bob Jones U.? Did the ladies’ skirts reach the floor?

Really obscure “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” trivia:

The inside jacket copy of the original edition was written by famous fantasy author Jane Yolen.

Or IT Support

:smack: Man, I shouldn’t post after a 13 hour workday…

No, it wasn’t lapels, I was wearing a windbreaker, unzipped, and he grabbed me by that. And shook me a couple of times.

And recommended that I ask a few more of the music faculty “because they’re CRAAAAZY.” (After he said yes, of course.)

Why “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?

Because “Frank and the Fudge Packers” didn’t sound quite right.