Why "Cheddar Bay" Biscuits

As often happens, when the subject of Red Lobster came up in a recent thread, someone invariably professed their love for the chain’s signature Cheddar Bay biscuits, which I agree are quite tasty. I’ve never quite understood the name, though. Are they bay biscuits (whatever that is) with cheddar? Or do they come from some place I’ve never heard of called Cheddar Bay?

Enquiring (and insufficiently occupied) minds want to know.

No such place or biscuit type. Just a marketing name.

“Five years after their premier, the cheese garlic bread became Cheddar Bay Biscuits to reflect the seaside atmosphere of Red Lobster restaurants. However, you will have a difficult time finding Cheddar Bay on the map—it’s a fictitious name created to bring the biscuits to life, embody the seaside theme and emphasize that these are not your typical biscuits.”

I thought it was cheddar + Old Bay seasoning…?


Just downstream from Shark Mountain.

Except there isn’t any Old Bay in them :smack:

I always assumed the biscuits were made with cheddar and bay leaf. Ya know, like Cheddar Rosemary Biscuits.

Me too. Dang it.

I read somewhere that they just took regular biscuit mix and added some “shrimp scampi” seasonings.

Sounds like a good way to improve them.

Because it sounded better than Cheddar Yeo (the river in Cheddar) or Cheddar Reservoir? And lots better than Cheddar Gorge? :wink:

Because you can’t trademark “Cheddar biscuit.”

Which reminds me, there’s a restaurant chain called “Cheddar’s” as well, as if it’s owned by some family named Cheddar.

I think that the Cheddar family lived across the street from Beef O’Brady and his family. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I always thought of them as “Cheddar ‘Bay Biscuits’”, not “‘Cheddar Bay’ Biscuits.” Like there’s a type of biscuit called a “Bay Biscuit” and these ones are cheesy.

That was my guess as well

FWIW, buttermilk cheese drop biscuits are dead simple to make and will make you a hero at the potluck. These are pretty similar to cheddar bay biscuits, but not dripping with melted fat. 5-10 minutes to mix, 10 minutes to bake, so good.

Bay biscuits, of the non-cheddar variety are a thing, though they seem a big deal in certain hispanic communities.

Makes more sense than cheddar bay, since Cheddar, UK is landlocked. :wink:

Brush those with garlic butter and you’re about as close as you’re going to get to the Red Lobster versions.

Okay I am WRITING THAT DOWN. Thank you.

Count me in with this crowd…