Why close pizzabrat's prurient and tasteless thread?

Oh good, I wasn’t the only confused one. I posted in ATMB about it.

It’s only something to brag about if the babe responded. Hell, I hit on people all the time (well, I used to anyway). Hitting on them is nothing to boast about; closing the deal is.

(US, Argentina, Luxembourg)

What, did he prefer we list all the countries we’d pooped in instead?

You fool, Don’t fail to guess CajunMan’s whimsy mood of the day. Isn’t it obvious?

No, that would be you. :wink:

I IM’d Cajun Man, asking him to drop by this thread to let us know his reasoning for closing the thread, and what the warning was supposed to cover. I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon!

Plus, I’m really disappointed that there wasn’t enough time for someone to come along and out-slut me. The thread is just sitting there with my double-digit list at the top and the rest of the responses coming in at two or three. I’m certain that I don’t have anywhere near the highest flag count here.

See, this is why I so dislike Beijing’s “One China” policy: if they had their way, three of my flags would be eliminated. (TW, HK, Macao. OK, maybe Manchukuo and the Shanghai Concession as well, but I was young.)

He’s still mad and hypervigilant 'cause this thread got to 33 pages before he caught it.

(Cuba, The Philippines, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Belize, Senegal, England)

Come on, lieu, start that thread.

Worst I’ve done was fart in France.
But it was really, really loud.

Ya know, every time I fly from Asia to the US, or vice versa, during my first subsequent dump I invariably think to myself, “Here I am, making an intercontinental delivery.” I am such a creature of habit.

In which direction, generally speaking?

I had the best defecation experience ever in Rome. So much so that I called a friend and said so verbatim immediately afterwards. Wait a minute…I even posted a thread about it here already.

We have reopened the thread.

Yours, you wiper of other people’s bottoms.

Believe me, it went everywhere.

See, now that we’re on poop, this thread will go for 3 or 4 pages.

Great thread pizza brat , looks like it could have been a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to hear the rationalization for the closing.

AND Queuing ! , just noticed your new(?) location. Great to hear there’s going to be another Kingstonian on the boards.

I wonder if there’s any more out there we don’t know about. Perhaps fodder for a thread sometime. :wink:

Thank you, Tuba. I too was completely startled to see the thread closed.

Frankly, compared to some of the other TMI threads we’ve had around here, it seemed pretty tame, and certainly not “prurient” or “tasteless”. Simply posting “which countries you’ve had sex in”? Pretty “pointless” in my opinion, but hey, whatever floats yer boat. That’s what MPSIMS is for, the Mundane and Pointless.

Now, if it had been “Give explicit details of what kind of sex you had in which countries”–now that would have been “prurient”, but not “tasteless”, because we’ve had too much frank discussion of sex in the last seven years for anything except overt “I like little boys” pedophilia to be considered “tasteless”.

From the other thread:

If it was “Post who you’ve had sex with”, then that would be “kiss and tell”. But merely “Post what countries you’ve had sex in”, that’s not “kiss and tell”. By your definition, “kiss and tell” would mean “never talk about any sex you’ve ever had”. But people do this all the time, and actually, restricting it to “countries” seems quite restrained to me.

Just sayin’.

And actually, I have a vague memory that we have had threads, “Post who you’ve had sex with”.