Why close pizzabrat's prurient and tasteless thread?

I don’t understand Cajun Man’s reasoning behind closing pizzabrat’s Let’s play Flag Count thread. I don’t necsessarily disagree that it’s of dubious value, but is that a reason to close it? If the value is for fun, as pizzabrat says, and some people agree enough to post in it, I don’t see why it needs to be closed.

I was just coming here to ask the very same question. Since when is “prurient and tasteless” the standard by which threads are judged? I don’t find this any more prurient or tasteless than, say, “Ask the bathroom cruiser” or whatever it’s called or any of the many threads we’ve had on every possible variation on sexual intercourse or the elimination of human and animal waste products. This was a very bad closure.

That was maybe the least prurient thread about sex I’ve seen on this board. Has the board become officially Victorian now?

Right in the middle of me composing my baffled defense thread. Thanks guys.

EDIT: I was especially concerned about the “don’t do this again”. Do what? There was no logic or consistency to the closing.

The worst of it was the “Don’t do this again” ominous-sounding-thingy. Don’t do what again — post something completely harmless that other people enjoy?


Sorry, Pizzabrat. Didn’t mean to step on your toes there.

Well, exactly…it’s like Cajun Man is just flexing the mod muscles for the heck of it. Not cool.

And I didn’t even get to post and say what an untraveled loser I am. I couldn’t even do state flags.
I’m such a shut in.

Gotta agree, this is insane power-tripping mod-work at its worst. What the hell, Cajun? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Jealous?


Wow, dumbest closing ever.

It was pointless and silly, but, um, hello? That describes half the threads on this board.

Ok, everyone - never post anything silly again. Ever. wags finger at the naughty naughty Dopers

Yea, what they said!

(Brazil, France, USA)

It couldn’t have been that prurient, if I posted in it. Seriously.

The only way I get on the list at all is by dating a guy in college who was on the last plane out of Cuba when Castro seized power. He was 3 years old at the time.

So, Cuban guy counts!

Other than that–I got nothing. <sigh>

Re the closing: all I can say is that is one of the few sex threads I feel comfortable in, so it most definitely is PG rated. Ok, MAYBE PG-13. It’s not even R… :confused:

This is why twickster is my favorite poster. Well, also she helped me with a crossword puzzle answer once. :slight_smile:

I just did a search on the word “poop”. On that whole first page, only one was closed.

Did you poop with your classmates?

How come when you smoke it makes you have to poop?

Why is my poop green? TMI

and my favorite:

I have to poop. I have to poop! I have to poop!!! I…don’t have to poop?

Eww, you dated a 3 year old? It’s cool he was in college, but still.

Awww… digs toe in carpet

I’m not posting to this thread to question Cajun Man’s decision, though I am interested in what he has to say about it.

I’m posting to brag that I was just totally hitting on a babe from Holland who could be an underwear model.

Yeah, I rock, why do you ask?

Ditto…no need for that.
ETA: “that” being closing the thread, not hitting on the underwear model.

Maybe mods were pressured by the UN?

Careful. You might just get this thread closed down. :wink:

I too am just here to see Cajun Man’s interpretation of what not to do again.