CajunMan and TubaDiva

I thought I knew better than spitting upwards, but here I am, proving myself wrong and stupid.

A thread gets closed.

A thread about why that thread was closed gets closed.

Upon review, I see that CajunMan has not been online since the closing of the flag thread. That explains why there is no explanation from him as to why the thread was closed. Still, with the pit thread closed, I don’t see where he will get his chance to explain his “Do not do this again” threat to pizzabrat.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Pit thread was not a petition to have the flag thread reopened and ok to close once that happened. It was a WTF thread, about a pointless closing with an inexplicable threat. Closing it without it haven’t been resolved doesn’t do much to project an image of accountability.

I do want to know (and I am sure I am not alone), what was the offense from pizzabrat that earned him the pointy finger. I do want to know why the Pit thread was locked before it getting any answer from TPTB.

I am not expecting a full recount of what happens up there behind closed doors. I don’t care if CajunMan is in deep shit for what he did, or if he is cool and just being protected by TPTB, or whatever. I just want to know what is it that I need to avoid doing so I don’t get a reprimand as pizzabrat did.

The original thread was re-opened. What purpose does a “Why was this closed?” thread serve after that point?

For that matter, what purpose does this thread serve?

… sitting in a tree… k-i-s-s-i-n-g…
Impossible, I know, I just can’t stop singing it to myself! :smiley:

This wasn’t clear enough?

It’s a perfectly valid question, even if expecting a straight answer is somewhat idealistic and naive.

Thanks, QED.

The original thread in question had not yet been reopened during much of the discussion in the Pit thread, so I haven’t the faintest idea why TubaDiva felt the need to sound so condescending in her closing post.

In the original thread. That’s usually what happens.

I would assume that the “pointy finger” was taken back when the thread was re-opened. No reason you or **pizzabrat **can’t ask there. Right?

Now if *this * thread should be closed, we’ll know for sure that sinister things are afoot…

If that is SOP, I didn’t know. Will look forward to it.

That is a big assumption. I prefer to have a cite.

I won’t speak for pizzabrat. He can defend himself. My post had little or nothing to do with him except for the circumstantial.

I prefer not to hijack the thread with talk about internal politics. The thread is a very light spirited pissing contest of who has (claimed to) have sex all over the map. Dissecting mod behaviour would throw kind of a wet towel on it. The Pit is the place to discuss mod actions, I believe.

It could start a telescoping chain of pittings. The list of links would soon kill or maim some of the hamsters and force the mods to lock even more threads to free server resources, which in turn would make people start more pittings about the closings. In about a week’s time, the world would end in a puff of green smoke.

I’m glad you started this thread, Sapo. Since I was the one who started the other pit thread, I didn’t want to be the one to start this one, although I might have if no one else did.

My thread asked a clear question, right in the title. I was not demanding the thread to be re-opened, although I’m glad it was. I wanted to know why on earth it was closed in the first place. TubaDiva’s reference to complaints is frankly hard to believe, considering that there are often threads that are far more explicit and “offensive.” And, as I and others asked in the closed thread, since when are threads closed automatically, based on complaints?

If Cajun Man just had a knee-jerk, and everyone agrees it was a mistake, that’s cool…we all have our bad days. But it would be nice not to be condescended to by TubaDiva rather than given an explanation.

I’m going to preemptively open a Pit thread about that possible occurrence. Maybe someone else could start a thread monitoring the activity of my thread, while simultaneously updating the reopened thread and the one in ATMB.

Solid game plan guys. Break!

Brilliant! I’ll go ahead and open a “why was dnooman banned?” thread.

Could it be something as simple as a mistake? The thread was opened, and apparently some people complained about it, so the thread was closed; the OP et al complained about that and it was re-opened. Maybe** TubaDiva** and CajunMan had a discussion about it? Or maybe not. Maybe he’s at the movies? Who knows? Why does it matter so much?

If the OP wants an explanation of the “don’t do this again” (which sounds to me like a mod warning–but it could have been a mistake)–he should PM the mod, no?
IMO, this seems to be a mountain out of a molehill. YMMV.


It wasn’t the incident that bothered me so much, it was the attitude.

But did we infer the attitude ourselves? A few times members can get a little defensive when the tone of a message is not recognized.

I see it happening like this. **CM ** closed the thread he thought because it encouraged distasteful discussion. Right decision? Probably not. So people bitched about it. One of the mods or even TD saw this herself and went back to open the thread seeing no real rule violation. I don’t think there even had to be any “behind the scenes” dark acts occurring.

I think Sapo is still just a little sore about the TK closing earlier. And I don’t blame him, that thread had to be closed eventually, but I want to bitch about it too dammit!


Here’s the thing, dum dum. Whether the thread was opened again or not, there are still questions that you are skirting (e.g., Why was the thread closed in the first place? If it’s because “people were offended”, as you already stated, since when is that reason enough to close any thread, nevermind one so tame? What’s up with the whole “do not do this again” thing?). Instead of answering the questions raised in Sarah’s thread, you close it with your same old lame, sarcastic bullshit.


My guess is there were no complaints; Cajun Man closed the thread because he, personally, was offended by it. That doesn’t cover why TubaDiva is such an asshole, but I suspect there is no real answer to that.


Nothing doing with the ThreadKiller thread, which should have been closed 34 pages earlier than it was. Feel free to bitch about it, though, just don’t project it on me. If anything, I am grateful to CajunMan for giving me what I consider is the honour of being that thread’s killer, since he quoted my post asking for closure. I don’t care who just happened to be the last one to post. :slight_smile:

It is all as Sarahfeena said. I am all live-and-let-live, and I walk past mod warnings and thread closures without even bothering to see who did it to whom. TubaDiva’s tone on the closing of Sarah’s thread, though, really hit the wrong nerve with me. The question was asked, don’t come to me with your “don’t worry your little head and go play” and avoid the question.

I feel clarification is needed and I am asking for it. If TPTB are not forthcoming, that is their prerogative. I can live with that, but as long as asking is for free, I will ask.

Congrats on the 3k there too.