Why close the Chivalry thread?

There was a report or two on it.

For GD and ATMB it is fairly legit.
ATMB suffers from posters trying to continue the debate from another thread and those do and should be stopped or closed.

GD suffers from threads that aren’t really debates to start with, hopeless arguments that become a few posters just sniping at each other and of course major derailments that aren’t caught in time that become the focus of the thread.

I would say in Hari_Seldon’s defense, there wasn’t much of a debate and the the thread was better suited to RO in the Pit, Laughing at the idiots in MPSIMS or the thread we pretty much ended up with in IMHO.


Thank you very much.

Total aside, but don’t you just hate that particular autocorrect? I know I type “were” much more often than “we’re.” I don’t know why Google assumes the word with an apostrophe is more common. It should just appear in those words on the top as an option. Or, you know, just put the apostrophe on the main keyboard.

It’s also the main reason I will misuse “it’s.” Google in its infinite wisdom seems to think it should always have an apostrophe.

Oh, and in @Hari_Seldon’s other defense: one of the new rules that were instituted in GD was that threads in that particular forum were supposed to stay more on topic.

I like the solution @What_Exit? came up with, though.

I have never had Google autocorrect either “were” or “its”. See? were, its, were, its, were, its.


Alpaca you up in that quest.

It only happens on my phone but it is super annoying. If you notice it and do a backspace, the middle option is the correct one.

My phone keyboard changes what I type to whichever is the wrong option every damn time. It also randomly capitalizes words mid-sentence. On the computer, Outlook and Word always change what I type, too. Haven’t had Google change anything yet.

Llame, in my opinion.

I was referring to Google’s keyboard app (Gboard) that runs on most Android phones by default. So we may be talking about the same thing.

@Terminus_Est Are you saying your phone keyboard doesn’t do this? Do you know what keyboard software you use?

I’ve always thought that keyboards should mark anything they autocorrected (like with a blue underline or something) so you can easily check and make sure they made the right change.

Ah. I use SwiftKey on an Android phone.

I missed that you were talking about a phone. I don’t do much typing on an Android device these days, but back when I did I never noticed it inserting inappropriate apostrophes.

That’s my fault. I guess I just assumed that “autocorrect” would be thought of as a phone (or tablet) thing. But, as @needscoffee reminded me, some computer software has autocorrect as well.

Fleksy is the best of several keyboard apps I’ve tried. It beeps when it autocorrects, and allows you to easily change the word back. It will also automatically learn words you use, and stop autocorrecting them.

Talk about thread digressions… :grinning:

One thing the mods can maybe play with in this area is “Slow Mode”, designed for contentious topics. When activated, “Slow Mode” limits the number of sequential replies any given poster can make.

To activate it, mods can use the wrench action at the topic level:


Then decide what the time limit is, and the duration of Slow Mode :snail:


It’s a tool in the toolkit, and we think it works very well in some circumstances.

You can also do a timed closure, so the topic is closed to all posts for a certain number of hours. That’s available via the same staff wrench menu pictured above, look for Set Topic Timer then select Close Temporarily.

Sometimes it’s good to slow down. Sometimes it’s good to have a time out for a bit. All tools in the moderator toolkits.

(these pictures were taken on my own personal Discourse instance where I am staff; I am not a staff member here, just a person knowledgable about the open-source Discourse project.)

Oh, that is really handy for me. I like the idea of closing some topics that are out of control for 10 or 15 minutes and now I can do it and walk away if I want.

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