Seeking closure... or something

Are threads automatically closed after a certain amount of time passed with no new posts? Can the person who started a thread ask that it be closed?

I’m not real familiar yet with how things are done around here, but this thread has been on my mind. I’ve been wondering if it and other dormant threads cause undue strain on the server. I stopped posting to it because I had a, um, er… suspicion [snort] that I was being baited. I’m wishing now – I know, "wish in one hand… – I had started it in GD where it may have actually been possible to carry on a rational discourse. If the topic as posted merits further discussion worthy of GD, I’d happy to see that. If it doesn’t, I’d be just as happy to see it closed.

(I’ll also post this for the mods on the thread itself.)

Well, we generally justlet sleeping threads lie… So far as anyone knows, dead open threads don’t strain the system any more than do closed threads. You can, of course, ask us to close a thread, but then, we can, of course, likewise refuse: It depends on the situation. The page you were asking about still hasn’t loaded yet, so I can’t really say on that one.

In general, it’s best to handle this via e-mail to the moderators of the forum in question. That way, you’re likely to get in touch with us quicker than via the boards, and you’re also not calling attention to the thread for al to see.

Thanks Chronos. I thought of emailing after I posted, of course… I’ve always had a habit of closing the barn door too late.

And another reason to not close threads immediately is because someone else might come along, whose loading times have been atrocious lately, and who hasn’t had time to get over there, and who might still get over there and add something.

BTW, it’s not a bad debate. I can tell because it’s got a high “whoosh” factor. “Whoosh”, right over this lil Goose’s head. :smiley:

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