Killing threads in GQ rather than moving them?

Is there a particular reason for closing threads in GQ rather than moving them? In particular the Genie one. It’s one thing to kill a thread before anyone responds, but if there are already 3 responses, is it in the best interest of the board to kill the discussion entirely?

Note that I’m not disagreeing with the underlying reason for the moderator’s action on the thread, just the action taken in response.

That particular thread has been done a bajillion times, and, if manny doesn’t mind me speculating, manny gets tired of seeing obviously misplaced stuff, and the same old same old, and just kills it. I’m sure if I were forced to read every post of every thread, I’d be suicidal in a week. Cut 'em some slack.

The final sentence is a universal imperative, and should not be taken to imply that you, personally, have not, in the past, cut slack.


I personally will either close a thread, or move it, depending on a mysterious algorithm that I would find it hard to define rigorously (in which some of the data I consider are the number of replies, the intent of the original post in the thread, the phase of the moon, what I had to eat for breakfast, etc…). I think you will find that the moderators do not always act with perfect consistency.

It is always possible to restart a thread in the appropriate forum with a link to the old thread, assuming, of course, that there is an appropriate forum for the discussion. Some discussions do not belong at the SDMB in any forum.

moderator, «Straight Dope Message Board»

It can also depend on the time of day. Closing a thread isn’t much more difficult on the server than posting, but moving a thread is a major operation, so it’s best not to do it during peak times. If someone opens a thread in GQ at noon PST, it’s much more likely to get closed than if that same thread were opened at 7:00 PM.

It used to be that moving a thread would bog down the entire server for five minutes at a time. It’s much better now, but still far from ideal.

Chronos, huh. I had no idea moving a thread drains the server. Shouldn’t moving it change the property of one field in the DB from X to Y?

I guess I shouldn’t ask what is everyone’s favourite thread by Cecil in GQ then, eh? :slight_smile:

You’d think so on the surface, wouldn’t ya, Montfort? But let’s examine that a bit deeper. Note that you can now create links to individual posts; this means that that field must be changed for each] post in the thread. Also, there are counters for the number of views, replies and so forth. All of those must be updated, too. And only the deity knows what else goes on on the background.

We can’t say “Lynn’s” name any more? A board Goddess has you all that much in awe? She is all powerful, but is really nice so what have you all done to make her mad and ban you to the point od not even getting to use her name?

Actually, UncleBeer, postid numbers and threadid numbers are unchanged in a move. It’s possible, though, that a forum identifier is associated with each post in the dark recesses of the database, so that the search engine can find them in limited-forum searches.