Thread closed, moved, then closed again??

I’m referring specifically to the “my b/f did herion” thread, but I’ve seen it happen before with other threads. The thread gets posted to GQ, moderator decides it doesn’t belong there, then moves it to MPSIMS and closes it there too.

What’s the point of this?

I don’t know about this case, but it happened to me once when I tried to move a thread. The board allows moderators the option to move a thread to a new forum and close it in the old forum at the same time. It might be a glitch in the system, but once I tried to do it and the thread was closed in both places which was not my intent.

Seems to me, this thread should be closed, moved to the “About This Message Board” forum, and since it has been answered satisfactorily, closed there. I would see some point in that…

Sorry, smartass mode is now off, I just had to do it.