Circumstances warranting closing a thread

I haven’t been posting here too long, and I’m not sure where to look for this information. I’m sorry if this is inappropriate, or if I should be trying to contact a moderator of a specific forum. I’m not sure how to do that in any case, so I thought I’d give this approach a shot.

Yesterday I happened to notice this thread on the General Questions forum. I had some feedback, but didn’t have time to post right then. When I came back to the thread later, it was closed.

I’m confused about why this was the case. The question, perhaps, seemed better suited for one of the other forums; I’ve observed that when this happens, a moderator will generally shunt the thread over to a more appropriate site. Can threads be closed down by the original poster somehow?

Nope, it takes a Moderator or Administrator to close a thread.

I’m not sure why this one was closed rather than just moved, I’ll inquire.

OK, it was in the wrong forum and the moderator (admittedly in a cranky mood) thought it was (a) stupid and (b) too misspelled to live, so it was closed rather than moved.

If the OP would like to re-open in Great Debates or IMHO or the Pit, be our guest.

Seeing as how this thread is still at the top of the forum at the time of this posting, I just thought I’d say thanks to C K Dexter Haven for dredging up the answer. I appreciate the information.

Love your thanks disclaimer. :slight_smile: