Why Are So Many Threads Being Closed Down?

I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks that a lot of threads are being shut down rather quickly, just as they are getting up steam. In the “old days,” threads used to stay open almost forever, and would periodically be revived in a flurry of interest.

Yes, OK, one of mine (the Nation of Islam) was just shut down, with no “I’m moving this to . . .” note attached. It was informative, still active, and there was nothing offensive on it, so I am confused. A few other threads I’d have liked to contribute to are shut now, too.

I’m not getting paranoid, I don’t think there’s a cabal going on. But what’s the deal? You’re being a bit pre-emptive, I feel.

same thing seems to have happened to one about the value of marriage. i posed to it yesterday, and now i cant find it.

Hey <Fill in the moderator’s name>,
You are free to shut down any thread or move it, but PLEASE put in a line of explanation. Right now, the SDMB employess are already very unpopular.

Uh, sorry… I suppose I should have explained the “thread transfer” feature of the UBB upgrade. I have not “shut down” any threads, I’ve simply transferred them to the proper forum. I always leave a copy of the thread in GQ - and the closed thread will always have a note at the top (you have to open the thread to see it) explaining where the active copy can be found. Keep in mind- once a thread is closed here in GQ, it will sink rapidly on the thread list, and may fall off your own list depending on where you have your preference set, ie: “show threads from 2 days ago” may not include a thread I transferred 3 days ago.

Sorry for the confusion. You’ll all find your threads active and healthy in the forum to which they were directed.

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No prob, Nick! I was just used to seeing a "I’m moving this to . . . because . . . " note at the end of a moved thread, and didn’t know about the new deal.

Also, of course, Nickrz and DavidB are having a competition, each one trying to transfer threads to the other one’s forum. First one to a hundred wins.

And I’m moidalizin’ 'im!

What does the winner get?

The winner gets to go back and delete all those closed threads and hope like hell Rumplestiltskin does not come looking for his “What is my name?” topic from five weeks ago. :wink:

You guys are too funny.

Can we lay bets on who will get there first? I’m probably too knew here to know which one I like best, but I see Nick’s posts more…so…


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Hey, Nickrz, I think you should move this thread to the “About This Message Board” area. :wink:


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I dunno which is worse, the GD mod poaching topics, or that darn Lord of the Flies-in-the-ointment with his hyperlinks!

Suppose I want to know how sprinklers work.Where do I put that?

How sprinklers work? In General Questions.

Now, if you want to argue that sprinklers work because God said, “Let there be water,” then you post it in Great Debates.

If you want to talk about how often you sprinkle your lawn, it’s MPSIMS.

If you want to yell at people who use up too much water in the desert because they sprinkle, then it’s the BBQ Pit.