Why "Closed Door" Closed Court" Sessions?

On NPR this morning a program there was mention of a Closed Court being used to try some of the prisoners at Gauntonamo (sp?). What I would like to know is, to what benifit a closed court is to the People? I would also like to know why our Legislature is permitted to hold Closed Door sessions. Why is our gov’t. allowed to do these type of things :confused: .


Depending on the type of case it could be a few things.

In the case of the Gimo prisioners, it could be a security issue… that is, they will discuss things that may be classified/confidential.

In the case of youth court, it can be to protect the identity of the defendant.

In family court, it can be to protect the privacy of the involved parties.

This also happens (for security reasons) in the Congress when discussing national security matters.


Congress is allowed to hold closed sessions because the Constitution says so:

– Article 1 Section 5