Why couldnt a muslim become President?

Could a Muslim not become President because America is prejudice?

We’ll elect a one-legged, biracial Jewish lesbian who’s an illegal alien and convicted felon before we ever elect a Muslim.

If there’s one thing this campaign season has made apparent, it’s that.

Yes, America is prejudiced. No, a Muslim will not be president of the US for a few generations at least.

Because the USA is a Christian dominated nation, just as Iraq is a Muslim dominated nation.

America is overwhelmingly a Christian country, and many Christians are religious bigots. Christians would rather elect an Atheist before a Muslim, probably because they think that the Atheist is preferable to a person who worships a lesser god than they do.

No. Don’t pawn your (wrong) assumptions off as facts.

What I gave here was my opinion.

|Christians would rather elect an Atheist before a Muslim| <-Statement of “fact”

|probably because they think that the Atheist is preferable to a person who worships a lesser god than they do| <-Attempt at explanation in the form of opinion

Nope, that is my opinion, and it is justified by the events of the last few months.

Ooo, big and blue and everything! I’d be convinced were it not for the fact that atheists can be religious bigots too. From The Atheist Experience:

Human Race to Islam: Please F.O. and die

Maybe so, but then I don’t care since I’m not an Atheist.

Bigotry aside, an American muslim would be a member of a pretty narrow slice of American society; almost certainly either a child of arab/muslim immigrants or the minority of muslims within the African-American minority. It would be just as hard for any similarly non-mainstream candidate to get elected. They would have to make a pretty convincing case that they can reresent the mainstream of American society despite being a minorityX-American.

Ah. It’s pin the tail on the jello blob. Whatever it is that you are, I’m confident there are bigots among them.

You’re probably right, but aren’t you forgetting the OP? Try addressing it.

I think it might be possible that a Muslim who is in every way an exemplary American citizen could make a big impression, even (or especially) on conservative white bigot-types by coming out with an all-hands-on-deck condemnation of Islamic extremists and making it a steady and consistent core of his campaign. Granted, it would be a fine line to walk. The candidate wouldn’t want to appear to be proselytizing. But I think people would grant a lot of creds to the Muslim candidate who does what many Americans are waiting for Muslims to do — grab a bullhorn and call these crazies crazy. It might have much the same effect as Obama’s famous call for black men to father their children responsibly. That one tactic scored him a lot of points among many blue-color whites.

You brought up alleged Christian bigotry. If you don’t want to discuss it, peck out something else.

Or, a convert.

Obama is the child of a Muslim/Christian union and also black(minority).

Bear in mind that forty years ago it was unthinkable a black man could be elected President. Today, barring a meltdown by the Obama campaign or massive cheating, it appears that very thing will happen in 23 days. And even if something terrible happens to the Obama campaign, a woman will be elected vice president, also unthinkable 40 years ago.

There is no way in hell a Muslim could be elected President today. 30 or 40 years from now, it might happen.

It would never happen in the current America we live in. The minute anyone admits they are of the Muslim faith, they would be disqualified immediately in the minds of most Christians.

I gave the OP my opinion. How about you give the OP yours. I don’t believe my opinion is more important that yours.