Why couldnt a muslim become President?

I’d agree completely if you said 100 to 200 years from now.

“Bigotry” against oppressive regimes is a bad thing now?

We’ve had a Catholic POTUS(Kennedy). We almost had a Jewish VPOTUS(Leiberman). We’re about to have either a Black POTUS(Obama) or a female VPOTUS(Palin.) We have a female Speaker(Pelosi) a Black female Secretary of State(Rice). We have one Muslim Congressman(Ellison.) Anything is possible. Maybe Ellison himself will rise through the ranks and challenge for the office of POTUS one day.

Two. Meet André Carson from Indiana.

I think race plays into this here, too: when people hear “Muslim” they think “Arab”, but of course it’s not that simple. We had a lot of Eastern European refugees come through and many of those were Muslim–I think it would be easier for one of their children or grandchildren to become president some day because they look “American”. I realize what an offensive statement that is. I don’t share that view, I am just talking about how the knee-jerk anti-Muslim reaction might not kick in nearly as strongly when the candidate is blond and blue eyed and was cheerleading captain in high school and basically pings as “true blue American” who happens to keep Ramadan instead of Lent. I still don’t see a president coming from that population in the next 30 years (though I could see it in 60, not 200), but I can see high ranked members of the govenment.

Religious intolerance is very strong in America.

No way could anyone besides a Christian be elected. A Mormon, even, would be a long shot, never mind anything further removed from mainstream Christianity. Certainly, an open atheist is a non-starter; a Muslim or Hindu, no way. Not a chance.

Disclaimer: not all Christians are religious bigots, but clearly many of them are. Also, yes, bigots come in many flavors.

For the last two years, people have been smearing Obama by calling him a radical Muslim, which means potential terrorist. That shows that any potential Muslim president is a long while away.

[…shrug…] Don’t know. Ask whoever said that.

As compared to what? By looking at the number of different religions in America I think you could come to the complete opposite conclusion. Do you think that America tolerates religion less than the two most populous countries: India and China? European countries have less religion than the US, but does that make them more tolerant? Could a fundamentalist Christian be elected to president/prime minister in Europe?

I’m an Athiest and think all religions are non-sense, but Islam has a special place on the trash heap of superstition with their anti-woman, anti-jew agenda and support of violence by a large number of its followers.

I’d question the sanity of any American who remains a practicing Muslim in these days.

This is an incredible piece of bigotry. The sanity for merely practicing a religion (that you seem to have odd ideas about)?

Religious intolerance from atheists is rather disappointing.

However, considering the damage that a radical Islamic sect did to our country, it’s not surprising that so many view Muslims with suspicious. Sad, but not surprising.

One hopes people could be broad minded about such things–realizing that the vast majority of Muslims are pretty ordinary and prefer peace to conflict–but it seems to be part of human nature to assume that one rotten apple ruins the barrel.

India less, China more.

However, I wasn’t comparing the U.S. anyone else, but rather making an opinion based on how well we hold to our own ideals. We hold to them poorly in some cases.

I see that as FAR more likely than a Muslim being elected president in the U.S.

It might behoove you then to note a couple things: “atheist” and “nonsense” are the correct spellings of those two words.

It might also behoove you to note that “nonsense” and “incorrect” or “unrealistic” are not all synonyms.

Let’s look at an example: people that handle snakes are clearly nuts. They are not just your avearge person who believe in God.

Now lets look at someone who continues to practice Islam in the United States, particularly a woman. This is a religion that relegates women to second class status. It’s like a black person joining the Church of South Africa back when they practiced aparthied.

The country which contains the holiest site of Islam forbids people to bring Bibles into their country and does not let women drive.

As fucked up as Christianity is, I just don’t see large numbers of Christians who think that their religion supports strapping on a suicide bomb and blowing up yourself and a bus full of civilains as glorifying their God. But, not wearing a friggin’ hat is an affront to God. Islam is the most stupefilying stupid and evil current religion now that the Inquistion and Crusades are over.

Considering the damage that a radical German sect did to the jews it’s not surprising they view them with suspicion.
Considering the damage that a radical American sect did to the native americans it’s not surprising they view them with suspicion.
Considering the damage that a radical Christian sect did to the jews it’s not surprising they view them with suspicion.
Considering the damage that a radical Soouth African sect did to the blacks it’s not surprising they view them with suspicion.

Isn’t it about time that Islam takes responisbility for itself?

You don’t think Obama will be elected then? To be sure, he’s not a Muslim…but his father was and in some folks minds that makes him a Muslim too (think in terms of Jewish birth).

He’s black too, in case you didn’t notice (it was in all the papers). Something that, had you asked this board 20 years ago (if it had existed) you’d have gotten a similar knee jerk answer.

It’s only a matter of time. We’ll have the first black president this term. Another barrier down. We’ll eventually have a woman president or VP…only a matter of time. There will be a hispanic VP or Prez…only a matter of time. There will be a Jewish Prez one day…again, only a matter of time. And yeah…there will be a Muslim Prez someday.

Now…will there ever be an openly gay chinese alien hybrid Prez (with long gnashing teeth that leaps <----------------------> this far)? That I couldn’t say…


Is Bill Mayer a bigot ?

Is someone who refuses to vote for a Christian fundamentalist a bigot ? I’m of the opinion that there are many around here who would refuse to vote for a Christian fundamentalist because of his religion. Well I don’t see that as bigotry, and I certainly would hesitate to vote for a leader who was a Christian fundamentalist or a Muslim.

At least some people back then were thinking that a black president could have been elected by now.

I do not know him, so I have no idea.

Eh? What is the relation? DanBlather did not say X type of Muslim, he said Islam, wholly. And his post above reiterates blanket bigotry against Muslim women who believe in their religion (but may not share the views of the extremist version he is waving as the True Islam as his straw man).

As for the bigotry of using suiciders to attack all believes and question their sanity, I can only point to the instance of Hindu suiciders attacking the Sinhalese. Obviously not all Hindu Tamils supported, but many turned a blind eye. Is that a mark on Hindus and Hinduism or Tamils. No, to say such a thing would be very stupid bigotry (although some Sinhalese say it). It is a mark against the radicals who exploited religion and ethnicity. So it is a mark against the Al Qaeda and others who adopted such doctrines.

Well, it is clear the answer to the question of the OP, as well as the gross rationalising of bigotries seems always to follow the same lines.

I think Obama’s going to be elected. But the fact that “Muslim” is being used as a slur against him shows it will probably be a while before a Muslim candidate has a chance to be elected president. If people were circulating emails that said McCain was secretly a Jew, and someone asked if a Jew is likely to be elected president, you’d probably think, “if people think Jewishness alone is such a scary problem, they’re not likely to vote for an actual Jew.”

Hey, I could be wrong. When I was younger I said I didn’t expect to live to see a black president, and although I revised that opinion as Obama picked up steam, it looks my younger self will get proved wrong in about three weeks. But considering how few elections there are and how few high-ranking Muslims there currently are in the U.S. political system, I think my comment that it’ll be a “long while” isn’t particularly extravagant.

Islam is not an actor, it is a religion. This is like writing, is it not time for Hindu to take responsibility for itself? It is a nonsensical statement made in confusion between abstraction and real actors.

You could write “is it not time the Salaf conservative Muslims, like Hizb Allah of Palestine who make excuses for Al Qaeda take responsibility” this is a real set of people, a real group that can take a decision. Islam, it is an abstraction. How does 1 billion different actors stretched across hundreds of countries, with thousands of different traditions and no common doctrine “take responsibility”…? They write you a personal note in English, for you?