Why did Belgium honour a genocidal mass murderer

They have an order named after Leopold II, honouring peoples civic service?

Rather ironic isn’t it, the guy responsible for murdering between 10-15 million Congolese (worse than Hitler?) is remembered for his public service?:rolleyes:

Because you would be hard-pressed to find people who care about the murder of 10-15 million Africans that happened prior to WWII?

Well that and it was created by ol’ Leopold II himself.

And he is forcing them from beyond the grave, to continue the order into the modern day.:dubious:

I hate to tell you, but it wouldn’t be the only order or honor named after a total bastard.

Countries don’t usually abjure their pasts unless they’re forced to. Shame is for losers.

Why does the US still have Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, if it comes to that? Plenty of people are not very happy with his human-rights record either.

Tradition and inertia account for a lot of things.

I’m not really a fan of orders of merit and such, but the point of an order of merit is not to honour the person after whom it is named, but to honour the people upon whom it is conferred. The name of the order reflects the fact that Leopold, who was King of the Congo Free State at the time, founded it.

They could rename it, certainly, but is there any need? Nobody imagines that the Order of the Garter exists to honour garters, or the Order of the Thistle to honour thistles, or that the Order of the Golden Fleece celebrates sheepskins.

Well maybe karma is finally coming around for the Belgians.

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Well when I see people like you writing of the actions of people like him, and then you also cry about a couple dozen white Belgians that were killed, I wonder why the difference in feelings?

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Who’s “writing off” the atrocities committed by Leopold? Where did I or anyone else suggest that the crimes he committed were NBD?

All I did was point out that it’s fairly typical for nations to ignore or gloss over crimes perpetrated by their leaders a long time ago.
If you want to encourage greater empathy for the victims of brutal crimes committed over a century ago, I don’t think gloating over the victims of brutal crimes committed just last week is the way to go about it.