Why did I find TWO dead cell phones on my walk home yesterday?

One dead cell phone I could see, but TWO in a 20 minute walk? What is going on?

Is it cell phone mating season, and do they die afterwards?

Did they not get charged enough to see them through the winter?

Did the recent cold weather kill them?

Is there a serial cell phone killer running loose in my neighborhood?

Did someone from PETCP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Cell Phones) release them into the wild and, they being domesticated cell phones, could live free and so died?

Someone is trying to contact you.
Possibly from this world, or the world beyond.

Or… karma’s gettin to ya and you are/were supposed to get in touch with someone and have forgotten/neglected them. In that case, shame on you =P

Charge them both and hit redial on one - see if the other rings!

Unless the TV series The Wire has lied to me totally it is drug dealers using cheap throw-away pay as you go phones to avoid wiretapping.

Gotta be the Rapture.

Hell, we’re all still here!

It used to be that once the snow melted, you’d find all sorts of fossilised semi-frozen dog turds lying around.

Welcome to the 21st century, no?


You watch too much TV

The snow is melting.

The answer is : theft.

A crook/mugger/purse snatcher is working that area.

He ditched a couple of phones, either when he discovered the batteries were dead, or he couldn’t get them unlocked. Or the owners were on the stick, & had them deactivated ASAP.

Wouldn’t be suprised if there were a few empty wallets in the bushes.

That may be true for him/her, but the possiblity is also true. Throw away phones are the new hotness for the criminal set.

They might go with the flock of loose CDs I saw on my walk a few minutes ago. Next to the path at the park were about 8 CDs in disarray, all over the grass and leftover ice.