New Urban Legend: Cellphones Buried With People?

There was a rather strange story going around: that of young gang members being buried with their cell phones.
Has anyone heard this?
What would be the purpose of doing this?
And-if someone should receive a call from such a phone-what would happen?

I don’t know about the urban legend, but I’d be surprised if a cell phone would work 6 feet under and inside a metal casket.

Wouldn’t that suck? If by some crazy chance you woke up buried in a coffin and you had your cell phone but… no bars. :frowning:

At least you could play Tetris.

Buried alive or dead?

People have been burying their loved ones with some of their stuff since ancient history.


This is where the safety coffin would come in handy.


I was always rooting for the “can you hear me now?” guy to be buried with his.

“Can you inter me now?”

A halting voice gurgles from the phone, “Can you…fear me…now?”


Aimee Semple McPherson was supposed to have been buried with a working telephone.

My dad, who was a Dr., always joked about being buried with his beeper, TURNED OFF… and he was; no joke! :smiley:

I’d like to ask the OP: where, specifically was this “strange story going around”?

I Googled gang members buried cellphones and this thread is the very first hit, with none of the other hits on the first two pages having anything to do with the type of thing that you’re asking about.

I ask because it has become standard practice for the OP to (a) bring up some vaguely-remembered, non-specific thing that may or may not have happened at some indeterminate time, (b) have Dopers running all over the place looking for answers, and © never even return to the thread to thank people for their help or offer any further information.

No, the OP said it’s a NEW urban legend - we’re just getting it started.

If WE are getting this Urban Legend started, we need to put something else interesting in the mix.

A treadmill. Or 20 minutes. Or some 14kgpdf. At least some damn Buckeyes or sumptin.

Come on guys, we can do this thing up right.

The ringtone plays “Rio”?

You laugh. Check out these Russian Mafia gravestones. Bling city. But if the deceased is shown with a cellphone, it means that his real phone is down there. A few of the richer ones were buried with their cars, even.

I can see it now, I’m out doing a little midnight ‘shopping’ and the next thing you know, Danny Glick is hanging from your throat and you’re screaming for Buffy.
…but I would like a Nokia N900